Why You're Not Inspired To Blog

Why You’re Not Inspired To Blog

You’re sat at your laptop with a tea in hand and a list of ideas on paper. But you just can’t write. There’s nothing that is making you feel inspired to blog. But why?


Do you know what you want from blogging? Is it to express your opinions, share ideas or to start a business? It could be all three. It could be for those things and more.

Work out what it is that made you want to blog and then come up with goals.

Full-Time Blogging – Are you looking to go full-time and to make a living from it? Then you need to start working with brands, companies and PR. Therefore it’s time to get building a portfolio of reviews and collaborations to show them. Design a media kit with all of your information and get sending it out to brands and PR.

More Followers – There is no quick and easy way to get more followers. You have to interact with other accounts on all social media, be active, use hashtags and be consistent. Get involved with blogger chats on Twitter, like and comment on Instagram and share on Facebook. Keep promoting other social media on your accounts. For example, spread the word of your Instagram on Twitter.

More Blog Views – If you are trying to up your blog views, it’s time to promote the shizz out of your posts. Schedule posts on Twitter via Hootsuite, post on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Pin your images of the post on Pinterest and share on Stumble Upon. Share older posts too! Some of us tend to forget about the good ole’ days but those posts can still be useful now!


We all start blogging for different reasons but content changes and so do we. Sometimes the posts we used to write aren’t for us. The logos we first chose are a far from clean and crisp. So we grow and experiment.

Your Design Doesn’t Cut It – I know for a fact that there are a lot of bloggers out there who are just like me in that they want to change their design every week. That’s because we like personalising, editing and creating new looks for our site. But that’s just not feasible. It’s time to find your design. One which that you can edit subtly without any drastic changes. Or perhaps you need a drastic makeover every now and then. This can make you feel determined. It’s like buying a new pair of gym shoes, you just want to use them.

You Don’t Know What to Write – You’ve written reviews on your favourite beauty products, photographed every outfit you own but what now? It’s time to get some more content! There are so many ways to increase inspiration (here are some of ours). But most importantly, take from your personal experiences. Share information that will be useful to your readers.

We’ve got some blog post ideas in the Freebies section as well as other blogging tools!


Blogging isn’t all about writing your own content. It’s also about reading others. It doesn’t even have to be blog content. You can always take inspiration from news and magazine articles, art and culture or film and music.

Look at what is around you and absorb it. Take photos of things that you like the look of. Listen to conversations and draw ideas from them.

This is one of my favourite things about writing. You can literally do it about anything and there is bound to be one other person who reads it and agrees. And if they don’t agree, it may encourage them to think and look at the world from a new angle.

Simple areas for inspiration can include art galleries, current world events, social media debates, thesis’ and even Pinterest.


Content is not always the most important aspect of blogging. Find other things to do to your blog rather than writing. It may draw some inspiration to you that way!

Have a tidy up, edit older posts, replace some photos or get interactive on social media!


If blogging isn’t on your priority list at the moment, don’t sweat. Sometimes it’s best to not write at all. One day inspiration will come to you. But take these tips into consideration when you’re eager to blog but not inspired to.

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