What All Women Know About Periods

WOMEN ONLY: Let’s Talk Periods

While chatting on the train about goodness knows, it became apparent that there are a couple of thoughts Amy and I share regarding the high tide we girls go through. And I’m pretty sure we’re not the only ones.


There are definitely things we all think about when we have our periods. I’m lucky that I don’t have them anymore on account of my pill. But I have the memories, oh yes. And not all of us can just stop our periods when we are taking the contraceptive pill. So, here are some things that Amy and I came up with, openly on the train.

  • That moment when you feel it starting…
  • Carrying spare pants around for a week just in case it happens out of the blue.
  • Not being able to wear skirts or light colour jeans without having that constant paranoia of leakages.
  • Those cramps that – even when you don’t have them -, you remember them vividly.
  • Sugar is needed. Lots of sugar and a lot of carbs.
  • That, “Give me love but don’t touch me,” feeling.
  • We don’t run around like in the adverts, wearing shorts and being happy. We’re in bed, eating and crying over Great British Bake Off.
  • Certain urges just happen.
  • Constant bloat.
  • Not believing anyone when they say exercise is good for it.
  • Tampons. Tampons everywhere.
  • Unnecessary bursts of anger.
  • When you and your pals all seem to sync up.
  • Avoiding dogs at all costs, because they seem to know…
  • Sore boobs.
  • Trying to hide your tampon string when going swimming.
  • Having to tell your other half, “Yeah it’s not happening.”
  • The bath. The bath.


For those younger readers or those who are a little shy when talking about bodily functions, don’t feel bad. Yes it’s a personal thing that is happening to your body but you’re not the only one in the world experiencing it. Most women feel the same as you do and completely understand when you’re suffering all of these things.

You tell a friend, “Sorry I shouted at you, it’s that time of the month, again.”

Most of the time they will go, “Oh right.” A good friend will then go to the shop and get you cake and pizza.

It’s natural and sometimes scary but there’s almost always someone there you can turn to if your problems with it are less lighthearted than the ones mentioned in this post.

What would you add to this list if you could? How do you fight your urges to eat Galaxy or avoid wildlife?

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  • Reply Jane thomas October 29, 2016 at 8:50 am

    Always happens to coninside with a night out or a holiday!
    I go from being a positive person to a negative one ( just for 4 days! )
    Gin and tonic helps 😊
    Pilates helps
    Then just wait till the menopause hits 😳😬

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