Why I Chose WordPress Over Blogger

When I first decided I wanted to create a blog I had no clue what I was doing. All I knew is that I wanted a platform that was easy to manage and had great theme options. Paul had been using WordPress for years since designing websites for Amplified Web but I was new to the whole thing so I wanted to see what was right for me.


If I’m being completely honest with you, I really don’t like Blogger’s layout.  The dashboard is overly basic with, again, limited options to personalise the layout of your tools and blog design. The free themes are very dated and limited (that word again). Obviously you can download unofficial freebies or buy them but there’s only so much you can do to personalise them and make it your own. That is why 90% of Blogger pages look the same… Sorry Blogger users!

With WordPress however there are literally thousands of design options to choose from with different styles and templates. Many company websites and businesses actually use WordPress to control their site as there are so many design types. This way they don’t all look the same. Of course, you do have to upgrade away from the freebie option but when you get yourself hosting you can customise your site and have a domain name. Amplified Web actually offer this service for £9.99 a month (also includes personalised domain name, web support, plugins etc.). There are so many wonderful and unique design choices available to you that you can’t go wrong. It can get pricey but you can’t put money on creativity… Well unless you’re not that serious about it!



The wonderful thing about WordPress is all of the security options available to you. Plugins can be downloaded to secure your site, create lockdown, create backups easily and scan your blog for baddies.

Blogger is good in how it has Google to look after it’s security but as I said there are so many plugins that can help you with  Wordpress that you don’t really need to use Blogger just to feel secure.


What I love about WordPress is that I can moderate my comments simply and quickly. With Blogger? No comment moderation whatsoever. I could get any old nonsense written on my posts before I have even seen it. Whereas on WordPress I can pick and choose what I want published.


Blogger has VERY small storage space so if you’re a blog that loves to post HQ photos then I would opt for WordPress. Storage can be increased easily once your limit is up!


Blogger is indeed ran by Google. It also means EVERYTHING you put on there is owned by Google. But with WordPress the site is your baby with all the responsibility intact (although you don’t TECHNICALLY own it 100% due to having it hosted elsewhere but it’s more than with Blogger).

I love WordPress. Once you get used to it’s tools and layout it’s a very easily, manageable site to use with so many wonderful opportunities to take your blog or business to the next level.


From my research Blogger doesn’t focus on Meta-tags or keywords, whereas WordPress sites do. There are also plugins that can help increase your SEO and help you customise searches for search engines.

If you want to create a WordPress site and need help with set up, hosting and design I can help! Email laura@amplifiedweb.co.uk and I will be happy to assist 🙂 

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