Why I Blog

Why I Blog and Why You Should Too

I’ve always been a fan of writing my thoughts and ideas down, whether it be on Facebook or just in a notebook. So when I finally decided to have a blog I realised I could do all of this and hopefully inspire and help others along the way. I wrote a few thoughts on blogging in the past but I think this is a great excuse to encourage you to blog as well.


Now for me, when I discovered blogging I noticed how many of the sites that I followed were professional and full time blogs. I had aspired to do the same as them, I won’t lie.

After a couple of outfit posts and realising how much work it takes to get to the same level of quality I decided that it was better off being a hobby than aspiring to make it a full time thing.

There are a huge number of bloggers who are doing it full time because they have been blogging since 2008 and have worked incredibly hard for it. Since then the blogosphere has expanded immensely with many guys and gals thinking they can make an easy buck or get free stuff just by taking photos of their outfits and their trips. Nah-ah.

I’ve researched the archives of many bloggers and seen a transition from mirror selfies to working with huge brands in Paris and New York with amazing photographers. What you need to know is that unless you have a blogger boyfriend or have an agency to sort out collaborations don’t expect to make it in a short amount of time.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in blogging full time, working with huge brands or having a photographer bestie. In fact I would love to have all of those things but it’s not necessary to run a successful blog. Success to me is being content. So as long as you are content with your blog, you are a success already.


I blog to express my thoughts and opinions, to share my “realistic” purchases and to get you thinking about the little things in life you may not often consider… like what music you would take on a Desert Island, important stuff y’know.

When I come up with an idea of a blog post, I have to write it despite the fact it will only get 60 views.  It’s nice to do it because it’s another idea expressed and that helps other creative juices following in other aspects of life such as work or studying. The more dormant my mind is, the less likely I will be able to do much else with it. It’s also a great excuse to take photos (if I can depending on the post, hence the Death to the Stock Photo images!).


If you are like me and often have lots of thoughts, ideas and creativity spinning around in your head, a blog may be for you. Find your niche (other bloggers use this term all the time which is ironic!) My niche? Well, I like to give advice and share my experiences. Your blog never has to be one thing, it’s your blog and it’s there for YOU and no one else (unless you’re using it for business). That’s incredibly important, If you become successful on the way, then enjoy it! Express yourself in the best way possible and grow confidence in sharing your ideas with the world, or in my case 60-100 people 😉

Owner of this little blog! A lover of coffee, Disney and old stuff, blogging about my loves, passions and opinions.

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