Why Every Blog Reader Needs Bloglovin’

It’s a common view that to judge the success and quality of a blog you need to look at follower counts. This is the reason why I posting this post in September and not )

However, a part of the team of “How many followers do you have?” is through Bloglovin’. Which is not the only reason why we use it. We bloggers have Bloglovin’ to not only promote our blogs BUT to make your lives easier. Yes, that’s right we want to help you view our blogs easily, be able to save them, keep track and keep going back to them.


Do you ever find that you remember a blog that you once loved but you haven’t visited their site in months?  Bloglovin’ stops you from having that problem. It is a fantastic and easy way to keep up with those writers you love.


  • To create your profile firstly sign up.
  • If you have your own blog which you want to link to Bloglovin’ go to your settings and select ADD BLOG. Follow Bloglovin’s instructions to find your blog, and Bloglovin’ will create a little piece of HTML code for you.
  • Enter this HTML into a new post on your blog as this is what will prove it’s your blog. Then, head back to Bloglovin’ and click CLAIM BLOG.
  • Add a Bloglovin’ button in your sidebar on your blog.
  • Once you’ve tweaked your profile and settings get searching for some blogs and get saving blogs!


It’s so simple (which is perfect, thank you Bloglovin’)!

  • Once you’ve signed up, search the blogs you love for example Living for the Now 😉
  • Click follow and then you will get all of the posts in your feed. It’s perfect! No more saving every blog you like to your Bookmarks.You can catch up with posts so easily 🙂 There’s even a list of bloggers you follow in the sidebar which will show you if you’ve missed any of their posts.
  • Seen a recipe you like and want to go back to it? Save it and create folder e.g. ‘recipes’


So if saving awesome posts and keeping on track with your favourite blogs isn’t enough…

  • Automatic – As soon as you blog post is live it goes onto Bloglovin’. No need to schedule.
  • Discover – Find more blogs to fall in love with using the Explore option
  • Liking – You can see which posts are the most popular by the like button.

I’m still in the process of growing my Bloglovin’ count! If you have Bloglovin’ feel free to send me your links.

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