What’s In My Handbag?

We’re all a little bit nosey right? I think a small insight to what people have in their handbags gives an idea to what people are like. But I also think too many of these kinda posts show a classier and glossier side as opposed to the real situation that’s going on in our handbags/lives!

So, what’s in my handbag?

As you can see my bag (from New Look) is rather large and can fit a lot inside it. Which is good as I like to carry a load of crap most of which is there “just in case”.

Firstly, I always have my phone on me, that’s a must. I also insist of having roll on deodrant in my bag in case I start stinking up the place. I have smell paranoia which I am certain I have mentioned on several occasions…

In addition to useful things, I have several loose bobby pins, a few hair bands and old receipts. I’m a classy girl.

Obviously in my handbag I need my purse for all the money I don’t have. This old faux leather purse is from New Look a few years ago. I clearly don’t use it much as it’s still in great condition.

Carrying spare make up with me is one of those “just in case” items. Mainly eye shadow, a pencil eyeliner and a mascara. I’m sure there’s a couple of lipsticks lurking in my bag too. These are my essentials in case I go out with little makeup on, but want to spruce up later in the day/not look like I am ill.

Ghost Deep Night is one of my favourite perfumes. And the hand lotion smells just as good. I sometimes just sit and smell my hands like a crazy person. Having a small bottle of this perfume is perfect if I forget to stick some on before going out. And the hand lotion is something I forget to use but keep it in my handbag anyway!

Although my eyeshadow has a mirror, for some reason I keep this one in my bag too. Despite it having one broken side (which explains all my bad luck… I’m kidding). I love the photo of Marilyn, it always puts a smile on my face.

You may be wondering WTF ARE THOSE.Well, They are socks that were obtained when I went trampoling and they haven’t left my bag since. Handy in case I am wearing ballet pumps and need to take my shoes off! I also have these After Party pumps which were gifted to me a while ago. Super handy to have around if I get sick of wearing heels.

And of course, I have my keys which I rarely use. I have a selection on there for my home, my mother’s and my in laws. There’s also some keyrings that I have received as gifts (The Eiffel Tower and Minion) as well as some I’ve collected. I did used to have a collection on my keys but they were so heavy they really weighed down my bag.

I always keep my sunglasses in my handbag otherwise I’d forget them every time I left the house. Super handy especially as summer is coming up, wouldn’t you say? I got these Ray Bans YEARS ago before going on holiday. I can’t remember which one but nonetheless I am surprised they haven’t been lost as I have a habit of losing my sunglasses…

Other essentials, include my hairbrush which is to thank for the stray hairs (pictured). I also keep a pair of super cheap ear phones in my handbag. When I was travelling from London on a five hour train journey I discovered my Beats had no battery. So, I ran to WH Smiths and bought some £5.99 earphones.

Last but not least, painkillers (and more stray hairs). What the hell would I do without having these babies with me?! There’s nothing more annoying than when you get a headache and there’s no where that sells the damn things. So, I am always sure to keep these close by in case!

What do you keep in your handbag?

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