What to Expect from a Las Vegas Wedding

You’re engaged! You and your future husband or wife have taken the first big step towards marriage and now you can get planning. But where do you start?

The dress, who will be the best man, photography, cake flavours, the first dance? It’s a lot to think about. Which is why the majority of couples start with choosing the biggest part of the day: the location.

Depending on your beliefs, you might choose a church. Or a registry office. Perhaps even a hotel or a beach. Nowadays, more and more of us are choosing destination weddings. And in my opinion and experience, this is because of two things.

Firstly, you can pretty much guarantee the weather. You can also decide exactly who you don’t want to invite. That might sound harsh. But let’s face it, we all have that relative we’d rather not come to the wedding. However, out of politeness, you invite them anyway. A destination wedding is a perfect excuse not to.


Photo by Mathew White

I got married in Las Vegas in September of this year and it was the best decision we could’ve made. We didn’t want to get married in a big manor house. It would cost as much or more to do that, then a deposit on a house to live in! That’s just not us.

After tallying up the costs and doing a little research, we decided to book it. Booking the wedding so far in advance allowed the family and friends we invited time to save for the trip. Now, understandably a lot of people we invited couldn’t make it. They all had their reasons and most of them couldn’t be helped. But we did have a little backlash and negativity from some people which I will talk about later on. For now, I’m gonna take you through what to expect from a Vegas Wedding.


This was the main emotion I felt from getting engaged, planning the wedding and being in Vegas. I’d already visited Vegas once before but my husband had been twice. One of these visits was for his brother’s wedding so he had much more experience than me with what to expect.

I completely fell in love with the place the first time round. I loved the noise, the lights and the fact it’s a twenty-four hour city that never sleeps!

The fact that you are going to have family and friends joining you on this massive adventure adds to the excitement. You are all going on holiday together in one of the craziest places in the world. I’m still giddy with excitement now, even after coming home!



I was so nervous. I was worried that something would go drastically wrong in the lead up to the wedding even when we got there.

What if my dress got damaged on the flight? Would our flight be delayed? What if one of us got food poisoning the day before? Would my bridesmaid’s dresses be okay? Would the flowers be crushed? Could the chapel have lost our booking?

Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck in the few days leading up to the wedding. But after all that, everything went very smoothly and without a hitch.  Apart from myself and George… We got hitched! So my advice is to try not to worry because it’s more than likely that if anything did go wrong, you’d be the only one who notices.


As I said earlier, we received a little backlash from some people. Unfortunately, if you do decide to have a destination wedding not everyone is going to see it from the same point of view as you. Which is an exciting once in a lifetime trip and a celebration of your commitment. We got called selfish, rude and some other names. But hey, it’s their own fault if those people can only see the negative in a situation. And at the end of the day: It’s not their wedding! 

That is the point I cannot stress enough, it’s not up to anyone else but you and your partner about how and where you get married. So just do what you want and don’t care about what the negative people think.


The perk of getting married in a place like Vegas is that it’s as cheap as chips. One of my friends recently asked how much we actually spent on the wedding. This included flights, hotels, spending money, flowers, wedding dress etc. I worked out the whole thing cost under £5,000. An average UK wedding can range from anywhere between £5k-20K depending on what type of wedding you decide on.

This meant that we didn’t have to take a loan out or borrow thousands from relatives to have the wedding of our dreams. I’m not saying that if you do spend a lot of money on your wedding it’s a negative thing or that I think our’s was better! Every couple is different and it’s your wedding so do whatever will make you happy.


Photo by Mathew White
Photo by Mathew White

I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of love that surrounded us on our big day. We had such an amazing group of people who joined us in our celebrations in Vegas and back in the UK.

My best friend was my maid of honour and she couldn’t have done a better job! I wouldn’t have wanted anybody else by my side on my wedding day. George had his best friend as best man. I could tell it meant a lot to have one his oldest friends supporting him the whole time.

We had an outpouring of Facebook messages, texts and cards of support and happiness in watching us getting married! Our chapel had an online link to the service which meant that people could watch us get hitched even though they were on the other side of the world. Watching the clip back you can tell we were so giddy with love and excitement. We were finally getting married and we had all these wonderful people sharing the experience.


The fact that we got married is a story in itself. I’ll never forget when I walked down the aisle to my future husband. That moment will stay with me forever. But I think what makes the story a hell of a lot cooler is we can say we got married in Vegas. Our future grandchildren can look at their Grandparents’ photos, wedding DVD and listen to our story and say, “Yeah, they were pretty cool!”

However or wherever you decide to get married, I hope you have the best and most memorable day of your lives, I know that our’s was. Marriage is a big step and hopefully the person you say, “I do,” too will be the only person you’ll ever say it too. Thanks to Laura for letting me guest post again on LFTN and I promise my blog will be up and running soon!

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