What Makes A Good Blog?

Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to blog preference. Some prefer fashion and beauty, some prefer travel and food. What makes a blog great?


There is no such thing as an original post unless you are talking about something very personal to you. As bloggers we use each others work to come up with ideas for our own posts and make it personal to us. And that’s what’s important, being personal, being you. This creates a sense of originality.


First impressions count so having a clean and easily navigated blog is important for people to want to stay and read your posts. Remember they can be the most amazing posts in the world but who’s going to stay on a cluttered messy website? You can check out some gorgeous themes here! Need help? I can be of assistance!


The same white back drop for different beauty products can get tedious if that’s what you are posting daily. Admittedly I don’t have the best photography set up skills, thats why I use tend to use images  – but that’s harder when you’re taking photos of your products. Adding colour to the photos, changing the back drop, testing out different lighting situations… All of this can keep things fresh and won’t have your photos blending into one another. This is the same with fashion photos, try different locations, angles and details for outfit snaps 🙂


No one likes contrived or self-beneficial information. If you’ve been given a product to review and you don’t like it, tell the provider so you don’t have to lie or bash their brand.


Posting about your cat’s habits every now and again is fine but if you write about your personal interests daily which don’t provide any help to someone else eventually people won’t be interested. A sad truth. I love my cats.

What doesn’t make a good blog? Lack of the above plus the need to slander others, expensive photography equipment, constant fashion and beauty purchases, lies, misleading reviews… All and all you need to be a nice, honest person who wants to share ideas and inspiration with others. Use what you have. Read my tips on how to start a blog here.

These are just a few tips on a  basic ways of making your blog personal, professional and unique. But what a good blog is, depends on you and your readers. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder 😉

Owner of this little blog! A lover of coffee, Disney and old stuff, blogging about my loves, passions and opinions.

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