What I've Learnt Since Blogging

What I’ve Learnt Since Blogging (PLUS BLOG RESOURCE DIRECTORY)

When I started this blog I found that there were a lot of things that ran through my head. Needless to say this post has been updated since I first wrote it as when time goes on you learn more and more about blogging and what works and what doesn’t. Here are some things I found when I first entered the blogosphere.


I found that I couldn’t get the design exactly how I liked and I even considered getting one custom made. However, getting a design made with a professional logo is not cheap. It’s best to find a theme that works and customise it to your personal preference.


It’s so easy to get swept up in the idea of having hundreds of people look at your blog every day but these things take time. The followers I have gained in these first few months on Bloglovin’ were purely built up from commenting on other blogs, talking to other people and using other social networking. But it’s not entirely important, just enjoy what you write and the followers will… well, follow!


I can guarantee the blogs you’re comparing yourself to those who have been blogging for years and have thousands of followers. Well, they had to start somewhere too. When I look at other blogs I start doubting myself. But then once I get content going and I realise what my blog is about, I remember that if I did what everyone else is doing, I would get nowhere as it would’ve already been done.


In connection with the last point, I can get really insecure about my photos on my blog. When LFTN was first launched considered spending a lot of money on props, a professional camera and that I should be out every day in a new outfit ready to pose. This is simply not the case. Using whatever you have in your home is key as it shows how you can be creative. For example, for outfit posts, you can use older items of clothing and link to similar versions online. You can then link those items as a way of getting a similar look! Find free resources online and don’t spend too much money.

Wanting to improve your blog? Check out my resource directory!

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