What I Do When My Skin Breaks Out

What I Do When My Skin Breaks Out

Every so often I get 3 spots that appear out of nowhere. Yeah great fun. And since popping them is both gross (not a fan of the Youtube vids!) and causes scarring (learning the hard way) I’ve decided to talk about how I get rid of them as quickly as possible.

  • MORE WATER – I try and flush out toxins from my body and skin by drinking more water. It’s such an easy thing to forget!
  • ROUTINE – If I’ve broken away from my skincare routine I can get the odd pimple which isn’t too great. So I go back to basics and ensure I start my skincare routine again.
  • BYE BYE SUGAR – A part of the reason why I would get a break out will be because my diet has gone from veggies and fruit to pizza and cola. My skin likes to remind me that this isn’t good so I switch back to health foods.
  • MINTY FRESH – As soon as I feel a spot coming along I put a dollop of toothpaste on it. This helps dry the spot out. Sudacrem works too!
  • NO MORE MAKE UP – Although I don’t wear liquid foundation, I avoid using any powders as this can clog up the pores. It’s good to let your skin breath for a little bit.

Obviously, there are many beauty products that will also assist you. But your skin is a representation of what’s going on inside your body as well as outside so concentrate on that before running to the shop for £100 worth of Clearasil!

Do you have any tips on getting rid of spots without spot treatments?

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  • Reply Sheree Grace December 24, 2015 at 6:59 am

    These are so great, much better to do for your whole body as well! I just slap on a mud mask to fix mine… I need to start listening to my body more haha.

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