What Every Blog Design Needs

What EVERY Blog Design Needs

Your blog is your bubble, your little home and should be a reflection of your personality. And that goes for design too! Your blog design is important.

But there are a couple of factors each blog needs to make it user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. I am by no means an expert of web design, however I do think there are certain design staples that are required with each blog.


In most cases blogs tend to have a header but you don’t just want a standard run of the mill font blog design. There are some amazing fonts online…


Going through continuous pages of content is a bit of a drag. But if a reader of yours is looking for a post they saw a while back, or are just interested to see what you may have written about a certain topic, they can simply search a keyword and find it much much easier.


Good content never gets old so let people explore past posts by having an archive option. It’s a super easy way to go month by month and see previous articles 🙂


Connect with your readers through social media, providing another way for them to get an insight of your personality. Social media is also a great way to promote your content so once they follow you they will be updated instantly.


All blogs should have an About Me page. It gives an overview of your blog and what readers can expect from you. It’s like a blog sales pitch!


Comments are a wonderful asset to see what posts your readers resonate with and what they enjoy. You can see what they are loving, answer questions that may have and expand on any points you made in the post. It’s also a way to connect with your audience.


Of course, some bloggers don’t have a sidebar… But I think it’s really important as it’s the best place to have most of the above features.

The sidebar contains (or should contain) important information such as a summary about you/your blog with a photo, social media links, search bar, subscribe option (if applicable) and archive search option. Other awesome things you can add include Instagram feeds, Pin Boards, top posts and adverts.

So, if you’re looking to start a blog remember to include some of these important features to make your site user friendly 🙂 Download your blog starter kit here.

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