What Do Bloggers Really Do?

What Do Bloggers REALLY Do?

Blogging isn’t a real job. No blogger deserves to be paid or compensated for the work they do. Because obviously we all just do it just for fun. Because what do bloggers really do anyway?


We are constantly thinking about new and creative ways to discuss products, advice and thoughts. Lists are made of ideas; we turn to other bloggers and world events for inspiration and we are always paying attention to what’s around us.

When bloggers are sent products to review we test, try and note down impressions. When we are given a company to promote, we have to come up with inventive ways to connect the blog with the brand. All of which is fun, interesting and experimental but not easy. Our heads are constantly filled with ideas, it’s a 24-hour job and we have to try and ensure that it doesn’t take over.

TIME TAKEN: 24 hours


Getting that first line down is the start of the magical process of creating useful and intriguing content. But when you come up with 300 – 500-word posts that requires an engaging tone without repetitiveness that’s when the work can really take a toll.

Once the post is complete (HOORAY) then comes the gruelling task of reading it back, editing, re-reading, adding bits in and back round again. And that’s just the beginning.

You can use Grammarly to help proofread your work as you go along, however, it’s always good to get a fresh pair of eyes to take a peek too.

TIME TAKEN: 3-4 hours


The post is written and proofread. So, it’s ready to go live? Not just yet.

We have to make sure the post contains some important features including:

  • Good readability,
  • Meta description,
  • Keywords,
  • Headings,
  • Categories,
  • Featured images,
  • Links,
  • ALT text on images (improves SEO and makes it Pinterest friendly).

Yoast SEO is a great tool for reminding you of these SEO features and checks your readability. You can also download my blog to do list here if you need a little boost on making sure you’ve got it all post features covered!

TIME TAKEN: 1-2 hours


On a day when there is decent lighting bloggers whip out their camera and get shooting products they are loving, lifestyle shots and outfit photos. We try and cram as much in as possible because who knows when the sun will show its face again?

After taking several hundred photos they are uploaded to our laptops ready to be looked over, edited, uploaded and have the above SEO requirements given to them.  I try to do this in bulk to save time for later posts, but this isn’t always possible.

In addition to taking the photos, there’s the learning process that also needs to be considered. We aren’t all born with the knowledge of DSLRs. We spend time looking online, taking classes and attending workshops to make the most out of our camera as well as what’s around us. Bloggers research methods of photography as well as composition. We don’t all just snap away on auto and hope for the best. Many of us want to learn and improve.

TIME TAKEN: 3-5 hours (depending on the amount of photos being taken!)


The post is ready to go live! So, it’s time to schedule the post for a suitable date and then head over to Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a super handy tool to schedule social media posts (we use it for Facebook and Twitter). This way we can promote the post throughout the day without having to worry about spamming.

Then on the day, we pin posts, promote them on Instagram, Snapchat about them.

TIME TAKEN: 30 mins


Blogging isn’t just about the posts either. We have to consider all of the following:

  • Posts are up to date and have relevant links to newer posts,
  • All links are present and correct,
  • There are no missing images,
  • Design needs to be user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and professional,
  • Constantly promoting older posts,
  • Being involved with blogger chats to be a part of the community,
  • Attending events,
  • Putting together media kits with stats and figures (download a template here)
  • Putting together newsletters,
  • And more!


As a blogger, who receives emails requesting that we do all of the above for free, for promotion, a discount code, a product or £20 I can honestly say that it’s an insult.

It’s an insult when people assume that blogging is easy – for campaigns or not. We love blogging. Which is why we are happy to put the time into it. But what we don’t do it lightheartedly. It’s a full-time job for many of us, whether we get paid to do it or not.

Whether you’re a brand, PR agency or just an average Joe, consider the work we put in for little amount that is (usually) on offer. Think again when you want a £30.00 blog post with social media promotion. Because would you accept that amount for a day’s work? I didn’t think so.

And bloggers, never do brand content for free!

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