Weekly Movie Round Up

Weekly Movie Round Up

I’ve got back to watching movies woo! This week has been very much Old Hollywood-based. Here’s what I’ve been watching this week.


After Tony Wendice (Ray Milland) discovers his rich wife, Margot (Grace Kelly) is having an affair, he decides to have her killed. He blackmails an old college pal into doing his dirty work but it all goes wrong. This film always has me on the edge of my seat. It’s so gripping and you just don’t see any resolution in sight.

Grace Kelly’s performance is outstanding and perhaps my favourite of her roles.



Marilyn Monroe as you have never seen her before. Although sexy as are all her roles, Marilyn plays Nell, a mentally troubled woman. Hired to babysit a hotel guest, Nell receives a call from an admirer, Jed (Richard Widmark) who is also staying in the hotel. Nell clutches onto his affections, immediately falling in love which in turn puts Jed off. When they are discovered by Bunny, the young girl who is being babysat, things take a turn for the worse.



This movie has a completely odd plotline. Well, to me. Essentially the story is about three teenagers (James Dean, Natalie Wood, and Sal Mineo) who are emotionally confused. Jim (James Dean) can’t stand his parents bickering and his father’s reluctance to stand up to his mother. Judy (Natalie Wood) feels as if she has lost the affections of her father since she became sixteen and Plato (Sal Mineo) feels abandoned by his parents and makes up odd scenarios about his life.

The emotional relationships between the characters is what I find odd the most. Falling in love with someone they’ve known a day etc. It doesn’t feel realistic in any sense but alas it’s a classic and you can’t help but love it!


THE BIRDS (1963)

Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) is a serial prankster. During one of her pranks to a lawyer, she finds herself trapped in a small village called Bodega Bay after swarms of birds start attacking the townspeople. Although this sounds humorous (and in some cases it is), it’s pretty horrific and creepy the way the birds come together to attempt to destroy the human race. Another bizarre plot line but without a doubt suspenseful.



The most light-hearted of the films I’ve been watching this week. After his wife discovers a diamond bracelet, impresario Martin Cortland tries to show he’s not chasing after showgirl Sheila Winthrop (Rita Hayworth). Choreographer Robert Curtis (Fred Astaire) gets caught in the middle of the boss’s scheme. Army conscription offers Robert the perfect escape from his troubles… well, in the meantime anyway. The musical, dance romance had me cringing throughout but in the best way possible!

Rita, what a dancer!


What movies have you been watching this week? 

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