Ways to Improve Emotional Health

It’s all well and good when people preach about having a healthy diet and plenty of exercise to keep fit. But what people tend to forget is emotional health.

It’s common knowledge that a good diet and exercise will also assist in creating good mental stability but what else can you do to help your emotional state?


How can you be happy sat in a dark room staring at a screen all day? Get in a well lit room (or even better, outside), read a book and leave your phone behind.


If you can’t find a job, there’s always volunteering. It will make you feel better about yourself and will get you out of the house. In addition to that you will have human interaction which helps increase confidence.


Re-arrange your room, put up photos that make you happy, paint your walls a bright new colour and create a snug area where you can feel content.


With anxiety it’s hard to know exactly what a problem is. Sometimes it’s just there and won’t go away. Try talking to someone, writing a diary or do something that is soothing that will take your mind of things. Reading, painting, drawing and organising are great ways to prevent intrusive thoughts.


Even if it’s just putting on some music and soaking in a bubble bath, everyone has a way to relax. Have you tried meditation? Perhaps that is the key for making you feel better.


Spending time with friends and family can improve mental stability massively. Being surrounded by people who care and love you will make you feel less lonely and much more positive about life as a whole.


Avoid eating processed, fatty foods; drinking sugary drinks; alcohol and smoking. Eating and drinking healthier alternatives and avoid toxic chemicals in the body will assist the mind in providing a more positive outlook.

Join a gym or go for a run, either way you are getting out of the house and getting those positive hormones going. Even if you don’t think you need to get fit, there’s nothing wrong with a 15 minute jog or even just a walk around the park.


I always find that going to an art gallery or walking in a nice garden is amazing for my emotional state as it is so calming. Another thing to do is learn something new. Appreciating the arts, history and knowledge are never a bad thing.

If you are feeling really down, like you’re emotionally disconnected then you should talk to a professional. But first of all, try to surround yourself with a positive lifestyle. Like I said, being sat indoors all the time, ignoring the good in the world and constantly thinking negatively will do nothing but make you disconnected and unstable.

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