The Walking Dead Series 7 Premiere Theory and Survival Kit

The Walking Dead 0701: A Survival Kit (SPOILERS)

“You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry…”

And no doubt we will. We had promised myself we wouldn’t delve into our personal obsessions too much because not everyone can relate to the love of The Walking Dead (are you mad?) or our favourites. I also promised myself I would only post three times a week. But this is a special time for us TWD fans. And it actually sparked an idea for a new category, Entertainment. Yes, we had a change of heart. This category is where we can chat about our interests a little bit more. Hopefully, you’ll find some new obsessions!

Anyway, someone from our beloved Team Family is going to get their brains bashed in (putting it bluntly). We have ignored spoilers, theories etc. So today, a special post for you all by a fellow Walking Dead lover, Katie Millard.


After what seems like an age my favourite show and beloved characters have finally come back to us. However, this comes with a hefty blow… quite literally. For six long months, fans have been theorising, re-watching, analysing and pulling their hair out over the question on everybody’s lips… who did Negan kill!?!

I’ve tried not to get too involved in the fan theories over this past half year, but let’s face it when you’re so heavily invested in a show like TWD its hard not too! It’s a worldwide phenomenon with hundreds of thousands of fans across the globe, it has its own convention and countless loyal readers of the comic (myself included) and I would be lying if I said I didn’t have my own theory! (Nobody dies and they all live happily ever after.. even Negan! Because I love him) I joke.

My theory: Abraham was the only member of the group to hold eye contact and stand up to Negan when he was wandering around with Lucille… I think he would be identifiable as a threat to “The Saviours” and because of this, he may be the target to beat Rick’s group down under control of Negan. Also, another one of my reasons for choosing Abraham is…*spoiler alert* in the comics Abraham has already been killed! If you cast your mind back and remember the episode Denise was shot through the eye with an arrow by Dwight, that originally happened in the comics to Abraham – so… he’s kinda supposed to be dead already? His loss would also be a massive blow  for the fans because of his blossoming relationship with Sasha, cause let’s face it, they are cute as buttons together. Anyways… I’m rambling! Let’s get to the whole point of this post:



First and foremost, these are the main essentials you’ll need for the season 7 opener. These characters have been like an extended family, we’ve laughed and cried with them, we’ve seen them grow together as a group, overcome problems, kill for each other and they are a family. Grab your kleenex, you’re gonna need them.

Comfort food

If you’re anything like me there is nothing better than tucking into a  snack whilst watching your favourite show! Mine is definitely either chocolate or popcorn.. but whatever floats your boat – whether it be healthy of unhealthy get a good supply and have it within reach.


There’s nothing that can’t be cured by a good cup of tea, It makes everything better! Fact. I’ll be making a whole teapot full to tide me over. So grab your favourite mug (hopefully a Walking Dead one?) and stick that kettle on!

A blanket & your favourite cuddly toy

Admit it… we all still own a cuddly toy! I’m a 23-year-old married woman and I certainly do! A blanket is always a good idea in October anyways, but it’ll also help if you can’t stand to watch one of your favourite characters having their brains bashed in by Lucille! So cosy up and get ready.

A loved one – fellow Walking Dead lover

My husband and I are massive fans of The Walking Dead, both the show and the comics. It’s a passion we share together and it’ll definitely help to have him there watching it with me… to be honest he’ll probably be no help on the emotional side of things as he’ll be just as much of a blubbering mess as me! But it will still help that he’s there! So grab your hubby, wife, bestie, mum, dog whatever – and snuggle up together! You’ll need the emotional support.

Social Media

Obviously not DURING the episode! But afterwards, we’re all gonna be feeling the effect’s of Negan’s choice… regardless of what character is it. So my last tip is to talk to other fans! They are the best consolation because they’ll probably be an emotional wreck just like you! Head to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or whatever your chosen social media platform is and speak to each other.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am for the return of The Walking Dead and hopefully this list will help soften the blow a little! (I can’t stop the Negan gags… it’s a problem) and a big thank you to my fellow Walking Dead lover Laura for letting me guest blog on Living for the Now! Talk to you soon everyone!

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