Waiting to Respond

Do you ever get a crappy text from someone and you immediately respond? Do you see a sarcastic Facebook status and get super angry and feel the need to comment? Yeah, I do too.

But lately, I’ve learnt how I need to deal with how I feel before I discuss it with someone.

When you feel frustrated, annoyed or upset you start experiencing a lot of other emotions and often say what you don’t mean or say it in a way that doesn’t exactly help the situation.

My advice? Take your time, walk away, make a cup of tea and write down how you feel. Let the anger out. Read back what you wrote and take some time to think about whether it is going to help the situation AND get your point across.

Of course, there is never any point in lying about how you feel but you have to say things with care because there is no use in making the situation worse. PLUS It’s always better to speak in person. That means not by text, not by email… Talking face to face or over the phone. That way you can gauge reactions and control what you say with tone.

So the next time you feel annoyed at someone, wait before you respond to those emotions and wait even longer before responding to the person who made you feel that way.

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