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Hey everyone! So we’ve just left Vancouver and are heading to our next stop. Before we get there I thought I would show you a couple of bits and bobs to do whilst in Vancouver.

Firstly, I would like to point out that Vancouver isn’t like the other cities we’ve visited. In fact it’s very different. I’ve never been to a city where there are so many forests and mountains surrounding it, and it’s beautiful. In addition to that, it’s rather chilled out! There aren’t hundreds of attractions to visit but it’s a great place to stop off at if you’re in Canada for a mini break.




Patrick’s apartment was a steal considering it’s size – Two bedrooms, kitchen/diner, bathroom, living room with Netflix and Wii, wifi and washing facilities… An amazing deal.

Although it’s quite far out from the hubbub of the city centre there’s a market nearby and a selection of coffeeshops and restaurants too, which gets a thumbs up from me. You can also get a cab to Gastown (I’ll explain shortly) for about $10 CAD.



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I mentioned earlier that Gastown is not too far from the apartment via cab. So we decided to visit the oldest neighbourhood in Vancouver where there are a huge selection of restaurants and coffee shops.

As a coffee lover, I had to visit Vancouver’s¬†#1 (Yelp) – Revolver. As well as coffee they serve a selection of teas and cookies. Paul opted for a mint tea (which apparently was one of the best mint teas he had) and I had a small (but strong) cappuccino. I had expected the place to be busy but it wasn’t – bonus!


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Gastown loves it’s exposed brick! And so do I ūüôā When we stumbled upon this pub we were immediately attracted by it’s decor and more importantly it’s lunch menu. Paul, being a good boy, had a kale salad and I had the veggie sliders. I loved them so much I¬†went back more than once.


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Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, brunch or just a coffee Pallet coffee is¬†perfect for a lazy Sunday (especially as it’s less than 2 minutes away from the apartment). Bright, breezy and with friendly staff.


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One thing you will not find a shortage of in Vancouver is coffee! After lunch at Six Acres perhaps pop to Smart Mouth Cafe for a sweet treat and a coffee?



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Gastown is an adorable little part of Vancouver which is lined with cafes, bars, restaurants, trendy shops and flower baskets. It also has a few monuments such as the Steam Clock is one of the few clocks which are powered by steam.


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Close to the Vancouver Convention Centre is a beautiful walkway which allows you to view the water planes taking off and landing. Not my thing as flying over water is a scary thought anyway but if you have no fear of heights, why not give it a go? You can even hire a bike and ride along the water way and through the parks.


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A stroll or a bike ride through Stanley Park gives wonderful views of the city. Once you get to Stanley Park you picnic, relax by the pool or even play golf!

I hope you enjoyed my small insight to Vancouver. It’s been a pleasure staying here. Relaxing and no pressure!

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