Turning Ideas Into Content

How to Turn Ideas into Useful Content

Good morning (or evening depending on where you are reading from), I hope you are well! So, today I thought I would discuss ways in which you can turn your amazing ideas for blog posts into useful content.

Firstly, be sure to check out my Freebies page with resources and Blog Post Ideas and more. But how do you turn that content into something that is useful to people?


Who are you focussing your content towards? For example, LFTN’s content is driven towards those who want to live positively, are looking for advice and who enjoy the little things (like blogging!). Therefore, my content needs to be written in such a way that will intrigue that audience. BUT you also need to think about what you want. Don’t create content JUST because it will get more views.


Titles that are SEO friendly (basically what people will search in Google) are what you need to think about first. your content will be driven around that. For example, you may have a post where you want to show off your new black dress. To make it useful to people you can do a post called “5 Ways to Style a Little Black Dress” or “How to Glamourise a LBD”. It’s now become less about you and more about your readers.


It’s SOOO easy to go off and start talking about something off topic. But you must keep things focussed and organised. Break your content into parts so you can go into detail about certain points. This way you will remain focused as will your reader. For example, for a post called “5 Free Things to do in London” you can create a subtitle for each place giving detail about why it’s so great.


Who says you can’t repackage old content with a brand new ribbon? Copy the content from an old post, jazz up the title, add HQ images and work your way through the text to make it useful to your readers.


Some of the content ideas I’ve given you may not seem like they will be of use to people. But don’t forget what may not always seem that useful to some may be to others. Which is why I said at point one that you need to focus on what you like too because if you like it, someone else is bound to as well.

So whatever your idea may be, look at how it can benefit people and still make the point you’re aiming for.

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