Top 5 Things to Do In Banff

I decided not to do a City Guide as such because we haven’t spent much time in the city of Calgary at all. Not only that but we had a few issues with the apartment and never ate out! Driving through Calgary you can see the city is gorgeous, clean and full of restaurants BUT I just can’t justify a guide dedicated to Calgary alone! So that is why I thought I would cover a few things that you can do when in Banff.


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  • Wear hiking shoes or comfortable trainers as there’s lots of walking
  • Bring a camera
  • Carry a bottle of water with you
  • There’s a cafe and restaurant for food but bring a snack with you
  • Rest when you need to, there are plenty of benches along the way.

Johnston Canyon is a beautiful walk along the lower and upper falls. The trail is 2.6km (to the upper falls) which takes about 45 minutes. You can also go the extra distance and see the Ink Pots which are just beyond the upper falls.


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If you’re a fan of hiking, long walks, nature trails then Sulphur Mountain is a dream come true. Mistakingly, Paul and I got confused as to the location of the Sulphur Mountain boardwalk. We ended up on a 5.6km trail up a 655m elevation gain. Needless to say I ended up a sweaty mess (I wasn’t prepared for this at all!) but it was certainly worth it with the view we had.

You can alternatively get the gondola up to the top which is quicker and easier… It’s probably just as scenic.


  • Be prepared, it’s a long walk!
  • Wear walking shoes
  • Stick to the trail and be careful of uneven ground
  • Take water
  • Bring some money to take the gondola back down the mountain and to get some snacks when you reach the top!


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Lake Louise is a beautiful area surrounded by mountains and forests but is also home to a Fairmont hotel so if you have the money, stay here for the night! The lake is very picturesque but also allows canoeing, if you’re the outdoorsy type.



Not too far from Lake Louise we drove up towards another stunning lake. It was pretty cold so we took a few pictures, admired the scenery and headed back down the mountain!


After a day of hiking or travelling around the Banff area photo taking it’s a great idea to head to the Upper Banff Springs. The pool is heated to 39 degree (Celsius), allows you to rent towels and swim suits.

These are just some of the wonderful sights and experiences if you’re heading in or around Banff. You can also visit to Jasper National Park, go skiing, go to the top of Calgary Tower and shop in West Edmonton Mall (which has a water park and a pirate ship!).

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