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Tips for Holding an Event in London

There’s no better place to throw a fun party than London town. Whether you’re organising a friend’s birthday, looking for a wedding party venue or arranging a school reunion, you’re sure to find the perfect party pad in London. But with such a huge variety of different types of venues to choose from, holding an event can be more stressful than you first thought. Here’s some tips to help make sure that you get it right:


Deciding on a venue is easily the hardest part but one of the first things you need to do. With London consisting of so many different areas, each with their own individual types of nightlife, choosing a base becomes tricky. From touristy Leicester Square to the bright lights of the West End, to trendy Soho and Shoreditch, it can be difficult to decide on an area which suits all and what area is most suitable depends heavily on the type of event you’re holding. For unique party venues in London, One Events has an amazing variety of venues across the city to help you narrow it down. Selecting a venue that’s close to a tube station tends to help and always encourages people to attend as it’s cheaper than getting a cab, plus if people are wanting to head out to bars afterwards, it means their options are option.


Getting the invites out well in advance is crucial to making sure that the next stage of planning goes well. Once you know how many people are officially attending it’s much easier to organise things like the catering, music and decorations. Sending out traditional invites is always nice but sending out email invites or making a Facebook group for your event tends to get you a response much quicker, so you can gage how many people you need to plan for in advance.


Once you’ve decided on a venue it’s likely that they’re going to have a catering contact who you can organise your plans with but if not, sourcing a company to cater for your party is going to be an essential. On top of this, is the necessary task of putting together a music playlist or finding a DJ. A lot of DJ’s get booked up well in advance so it’s a good idea to do this early on so you know that it’s all sorted. If it’s a birthday party or wedding party you’re planning, you might want to put some photos, balloons and banners up, so calling the venue ahead to organise this is essential.

Holding an event in London in easier than you think with a little forward planning and by following these top tips you’ll be hosting the best bash of the year in no time.



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