Tips For Finding The Right Party Dress

When it comes to a party, everyone gets excited. But when it comes to choosing the right dress to wear at the party, women start pulling their hair out. A number of dresses are available in the market, both at the retail and online stores. This means that you have a pool of options to search for a dress. There are certain things that you need to consider before buying the dress. If you go through them, you are sure to find an amazing dress for the occasion. So, let’s see them one by one.

Knowing the dress code for the party

When it comes to any occasion, you need to understand its kind first. Where men have less choice to dress up, women have the flexibility to choose from different options. Yet you need to follow certain rules to define the formality of the dress. The formality of the dress depends on the fabric, colour and length of the dress. When it comes to formal events, floor length gowns are the best and when it comes to casual parties, you can go for knee length dresses. Cocktail parties for example, fall in between the two and are semi-formal.


Colour plays an important factor when it comes to defining the formality of the occasion. Solid and dark colours are better for evening parties, while you can go for prints for casual ones. Neutral colours like grey and brown are good for many kinds of occasions. When it comes to the ‘Little Black Dress’, it can be worn at different occasions including the formal ones.


The fabric of your dress defines the kind of the party you are attending. When it comes to casual parties, you can go for fabrics like cotton but they should be avoided even in semi-formal or cocktail parties. When it comes to formal ones, you need have dresses in satin, silk or glossy fabrics. The look of the dress is determined by its quality and so there is nothing wrong in spending some more money.

Skin tone and colour of the dress

One of the best ways to know which colour suits you better understand your undertone first. People with warm undertones will look good in colours like red, yellow and brown while people with cool undertone will look good in green, blue and purple. Then again there are those who fall under the third category with neutral undertones. They look good in both kind of colours.

Body shape and dress style

When it comes to party wear, the next thing that you should consider is the body shape so as to show off your best features. The style of the dress can be determined by the five body shapes namely pear, rectangle, inverted triangle, apple and hourglass

  • Pear shaped body – If you have narrow shoulders and wide hip, you have a pear shaped body. So here you need to minimise the attention towards your hips and attract people towards your neck and shoulders. Therefore go for dresses with cowl, square or boat necklines. You can even go for A-line dresses as they will lessen the focus on the hips and strapless dresses, as they will make you look amazing.
  • Rectangle shape – Women with rectangle shaped body have shoulders, waist and hip more or less in the same line. They need to show off their curves more. So they can go for sweetheart necked dresses and scoop necks. To show off the curves, women need to have a good bra support.
  • Inverted triangle – Women with such body type have broad shoulders and chest while narrow waist and hips. So they need to wear dresses that makes their hips and waist look bigger. Long printed skirts with bright colours can be good. Avoid strapless dresses as they catch attention.
  • Apple shape – If the shoulder, chest and waist are wide and hip region is narrow, then they have an apple shaped figure. So they need to make their hips look wider and their torso long. For this use dresses with solid colours compared to prints. They can also use belts above the waist and v-neck dresses.
  • Hourglass shape – When it comes to women with hour glass figure, they have a proportionate body. So all the type of dress will look good on them. Still, they need to find a dress that fits them well. Too loose or too tight dress is a no-no. A-line dresses, wrap dresses and high waist styles will look good.

    Cost and versatility

Cost and versatility is something that you needs to look for when you are buying a dress for a party. For example, a versatile dress like a little black dress is truly good and can be worn at a number of occasions while on the other hand, a bright coloured dress cannot be worn at different occasions as people will easily identify it. So if you are on a budget, it is better to go for a neutral coloured dress and use different accessories. You can use it at different occasions and look good too.


Many people have the habit to buy matching accessories when they are buying a dress. Many a time,  different accessories are not needed with a dress. So when you buy a dress first make sure what you need to wear with it. A simple dress can be paired with some accessories like a good pair of earrings while a heavy dress does not need many accessories.

When it comes to a party there is nothing as bad as feeling you are out of the league. So it is better to take some time to select a good dress rather than feeling bad. So try to get a perfect dress that sets within your budget and suits according to your colour tone and body shape. A perfect dress which is accessorised well will leave a woman stunning.


Do you have any tips for finding the perfect party dress? If so, share them in the comments! I hope this post has helped you for your next shopping trip. 

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