Help People With Mobility Problems

Three Ways To Help Someone With Mobility Problems

I’ve mentioned before that Amy and I have a disabled mother. And over the years her Multiple Sclerosis has got worse, so more and more has had to be done to assist in making her life as easy as possible. Today’s post is to help those who are struggling with mobility issues or have a loved one who is. I’m going to share my personal tips on what can assist someone who is suffering from a disability or is beginning to struggle with mobility problems.


Care agencies exist across the country helping the elderly and disabled prepare their meals, get up in the morning, go to bed and everything in between. Social services will be able to assist with the care package and what level of care is needed. This can include domestic calls and transport options. Care workers and social services should be able to provide you with the best advice for your needs, so don’t be afraid to ask.

There are a large range of benefits available to those suffering from disabilities and for carers alike. You can view them here.

Moreover, cleaners are incredibly handy if the care agency cannot offer this in their caring package. Talk to your social worker or care manager to see if they can offer additional advice on the best cleaners for you and perhaps assistance with paying for them.


Just because someone is disabled, it shouldn’t revoke their human rights. Bathing, for example, can be solved via walk-in baths. There is also a range of equipment that can assist with showering and using the toilet such as specialised chairs. These can all assist someone with feeling clean and like their everyday self. Those with mobility issues should never feel as if they can’t do basic tasks. For example, there are essential living aids like kettle tippers, adapted cutlery and more. Whatever the disability, there will be something to assist.

If there are carers visiting on a regular basis, it’s also important to ask them if there is an option for them to do some shopping. I find that online shopping is incredibly useful for ordering food and essential as you are then able to confirm when it arrives to be put away by another carer.

As well as help indoors, there are also options for travelling too! We sometimes order a wheelchair friendly taxi and go to the park in the summer. This gets our Mum out and about, able to enjoy the outdoors.


Simple things like cushions, proper wheelchair support and adjustable beds make those who are unable to alter their position more comfortable for longer. Using material that doesn’t sit in one place such as foam helps relieve pressure. Pressure relief cushions, for example, are perfect for those sat in one position for extended periods of time. In addition, those who don’t move a lot should be kept warm as their blood flow is limited. Fluffy socks are my mother’s preference for keeping warm, even in the summer!

I hope some of these tips will help you or your loved one in dealing with limited mobility. It’s not easy but you can only do what is best to ensure there is a good standard of living. But most importantly, you have be positive. It will be hard but there are ways to overcome many issues that will arise.

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