Things to do on a Long Haul Flight

I can gather than many of you don’t enjoy sitting on your back sides for extended periods of time doing nothing… I certainly detest it and find it mind numbing! That is why long haul flights can be a little bit tedious. But like with anything it’s time to look at the positive side and enjoy it!

There are your standard things to do on a long haul flight including:

  • Sleeping – work out your sleeping pattern to make sure you don’t land wide awake and it’s 10pm
  • Reading – get a book you’re currently reading as a new book may end up crap!
  • Listening to music – good headphones will remove the sound of babies crying
  • Watching a film or box set – make sure you download it on your device (which should be fully charged!) before hand. I would definitely recommend The Walking Dead.

But there are also some great opportunities that can be had when sat for 8 hours with very little else to do. Why not try:

  • Having a digital clear out – Remove any old photos, songs, videos etc from your devices. You never get round to doing it until everything is running slow!
  • Write the essay you’ve been putting off – This way you won’t have to worry about it over the course of your trip.
  • Plan things to do on your trip – Making a little schedule will make you feel more prepared for when you’re all groggy and jet lagged.
  • Edit photographs and write up posts for your blog – If you have Tumblr or a WordPress blog this is a great time to edit all those saved images and type up posts you’ve been putting off.
  • Get a puzzle book at the airport and keep your brain occupied on the plane. Time will go much faster if you’re keeping busy.
  • Before your flight download that podcast everyone is talking about (I recommend Serial if you’re really behind on the whole Adnan scene!)
  • If reading isn’t your thing get an audiobook. You will be so into whatever you’ve chosen to listen to you won’t even remember that you have a numb bum!
  • Plan what you’re going to do when you get to your destination.

What do you like to do to keep busy on a long haul flight?

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