Things To Do In Monaco

Things To Do In Monaco

Monaco is probably best known for being the final residence of the actress and Princess, Grace Kelly. As fans of Old Hollywood and Grace Kelly in general Paul and I were very eager to visit Monaco whilst staying in Cannes as it’s only about 2 hours away by car.

This post will consist of what we got up to on our day out to Monaco as well as some tips.


The first location on my to-do list was the Princess Grace Rose Garden. The garden was created in 1984, two years after Grace’s  death in memory of the Princess. The garden, like Grace, is beautiful, peaceful and calm.

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Climbing up a HUGE amount of stairs we made our way to the palace where Princess Grace got married and resided. Now, her son Albert II lives here keeping some of the Palace open to the public.

Sadly but understandably no photos are allowed to be taken on the inside of the palace but I assure you it is beautiful. Here are some photographs of Grace on her wedding day inside the palace. It was amazing to stand where those images were taken.

The palace is stunning with stunning decor from various decades in history and definitely worth a visit.


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It was important for Paul and I to pay our respects to Grace as fans of her work and of her as a human being in general. So, we headed to the Monaco Cathedral aka Saint Nicholas Cathedral where her body was laid to rest with Prince Rainier.


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Monte Carlo is known for being one of locations of the F1 Grand Prix as well as being home to the rich and Monte Carlo Casino.  We didn’t go inside however outside of the main entrance were dozens of incredible well dressed, designer men and women climbing in and out of Ferraris so we could gather that it was a pretty high profile place.

Surrounding the Casino were an array of restaurants , cafes and high class hotels. If you fancy a blow out, I think this is the place!


  • Wear comfortable shoes as it’s quite hilly!
  • If you’re looking to go shopping, don’t go on a Sunday, everything is closed
  • On street parking isn’t permitted for visitors but there are plenty of car parks
  • Charge your camera as you will want to take plenty of photos
  • Monaco’s currency is Euros (some people wonder as it’s actually it’s on country)
  • Want to see the all the best locations and not walk? Get the Hop on Hop Off bus (about €21 per adult)

For more hints and tips as well as interesting information on Monaco see here.

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