Things That Teenagers Won’t Understand #2 : Top Gun

Now I have reached 25 years old, I realise that I’m becoming a bit like my mother – always harping on about “when I as younger.” Which is why recently on LFTN I posted an article about things that teenagers wont understand that teens in the nineties and noughties grew up with. Various gems such as Tom from Myspace and Avril Lavigne’s legendary style all made the list. But what about movies teens were loving way back when?


A beautiful nugget that is relevant to the list of teenage loves is Top Gun, albeit it was made in 1986, it was still widely celebrated in the nineties and noughties. This year it will celebrate it’s 30th anniversary. Yes, the legendary Top Gun, where the angelic Tom Cruise played ‘Maverick’ will be 30-years-old. I mean I wasn’t even born at that point! Feel old yet?!

The Oscar-winning action drama has become somewhat of an iconic film for people of said generation, however it could be argued that is hasn’t translated as well to newer audiences especially Millennials. Many movies get lost over the years, but Cruise’s success post-Top Gun with films such as the Mission Impossible movies, A Few Good Men, Jack Reacher and Edge of Tomorrow have eclipsed what some believe is his greatest film ever. Additionally, favourites like Cocktail (below) are also racking up the years as Cruise is now 53-years-old (can you believe that?).

Val Kilmer, Tim Robbins, Meg Ryan and Anthony Edwards all starred alongside Cruise in Top Gun. Maverick’s onscreen chemistry with his nemesis, and fellow pilot Iceman (Kilmer) was unforgettable. Therefore it would be such a shame for the film not to get the maximum amount of respect and media coverage for its 30th anniversary this year it deserves.


Just recently Kilmer announced on one of his social media accounts that there will be a Top Gun 2 (are you excited yet?) He will team up with Cruise again and Francis Ford Coppolla is set to direct the film, which has been written by Christopher McQuarrie, Peter Craig, Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz. Celebrated Hollywood stalwart Gene Hackman will be joining Cruise and Kilmer along with Jerry Bruckheimer on production duties to complete a star-studded cast and production crew.

With this wonderful news of the return of Top Gun on a myriad of different fronts, the build up to May 13 this year is set to be a very profitable time for everyone behind the Top Gun franchise. From its stunning soundtrack that featured ‘Take My Breath Away that will no doubt find itself a focal point of iTunes soon enough to the 30th anniversary Top Gun gaming titles many online operators are now showcasing, the film will be a proverbial cash caw in 2016 and in the lead-up to the newly announced movie fans will be buying hoards of merchandise. Also, cinemas across the United States will be screening the movie to celebrate the anniversary.

So, with all that in mind, maybe Millennials will appreciate Top Gun after all, by the time 2016 is over. With the 30th anniversary on May 13, the various celebrations and with the beginning of Top Gun 2 to look forward to, hopefully the movie franchise will attract a new generation of fans along the way.

We’re just going to leave you with this now…

Are you a fan of Top Gun? How do you feel about a sequel?  What movies were you loving when you were a teen?

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