Things I Miss About Travelling

Things I Miss About Travelling

Now and again I write on Twitter about the things Paul and I got up to whilst travelling in 2015. Practically every day I share a photo from the places we’ve been. That’s why I thought I’d do a post to reflect on some of my favourite memories.


For me, it’s not always the big things that are what make a trip. It’s the little experiences. Travelling for nine months was amazing and I loved so much of it. However, the things I miss are:

  • Walking around Central Park in NYC.
  • Eating ice cream at Ghirardelli’s in San Francisco.
  • Driving around Los Angeles in the sun.
  • The Christmas lights in Amsterdam.
  • The incredible fresh food in Rome.
  • Walking through the Old Town of Dubrovnik.
  • Getting an iced coffee.
  • Eating different foods.
  • The friends from each of the countries we visited.
  • Having a favourite coffee shop/restaurant.
  • Driving through the mountains and forests of Banff.
  • The amazing studio apartment in Montreal, watching Sopranos and eating nothing but toast (no money!).
  • Drinking gallons of coffee in Vancouver.
  • The beautiful simplicity of the apartments we stayed in.
  • The awe of waterfalls, mountains and nature in Canada.
  • All of the architecture in Barcelona.
  • The excitement of seeing a new city.
  • Watching the sun set over the Hollywood Hills.
  • Eating cheesecake at 10pm in Times Square.
  • Exploring cities for the first time.


Travelling teaches you a lot of things and – whether it’s staying hostels in Asia or volunteering in Africa – places will always touch your heart.

I remember sitting on a bench in Central Park, looking at the lake and crying that New York was over. It was just the start of our journey but New York was the first and best place I could’ve visited. I was going through a really tough time and finding it hard to adjust working from abroad with ex-colleagues being incredibly difficult about it but I had found peace in my last few weeks there.

From the moment we got to New York anything was possible. You just have to want it, work for it and sacrifice. It’s not all about money. What my adventures have proven to me is that once you get there, have somewhere to stay and a way to get around you don’t need money to have a good time. You just need good people and an open heart.

I have made some lifelong friends on my journey. Sadly, some have trickled out of my life because they have their own ones to lead. It’s sad because I hold dear memories of those moments but it’s okay. As long as I have my memories and photographs, I will always remember them. I will always remember the conversations and the moments when I got tears in my eyes over the smallest things.


With Airbnb, wifi and a work from home job, you can do it too. Many marketing, writing, editing and social media jobs can be done from anywhere. It takes time but once you find it you can create some amazing memories and still have a job. I will do a post soon about how you can do it too and my tips!

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