The Truth About Friendship

There are lots of different types of friendships.

There are the ones where you can tell each other anything, ones where you only go out together to get drunk and even ones where you argue all the time but make up 5 minutes later.

Friendships during your school years are taken for granted. At least there you see people everyday, so you immediately find someone you can connect with. It’s very rarely you keep that connection through your adult years.

There was never a chance to really feel lonely at school. Even if you felt alone you still saw people and communicated with others (whether you wanted to or not). As you get older you’re around people less and less and that can begin making you appreciate those you have around you even more.

What a friendship isn’t? When someone only speaks to you as and when they feel they need you but won’t be there for you when you need them. When they have little sensitivity to your needs or have no understanding with what you are going through. Someone who never thinks about anyone else but themselves.

A real friend will have open arms for you even after not seeing them for years. A friend is someone you can trust and someone who trusts you. A friend understands you and is considerate to your wellbeing. A friend will never make you feel guilty or hold a grudge.

Realise who those friends are and keep them close.

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