Small Details

The Small Details


I’ve always had the belief that less is more. When you overdo something, it can become overwhelming. This can be with anything. From clothes to makeup, interiors or life in general. It’s time we focus on the smaller details and remember that no matter what, it’s the small things that count above it all.


I’ve mentioned a lot in the past that I love simplistic fashion over the garish, the designer and the exciting. Give me a plain white t-shirt over a printed Gucci dress. Send me Vans over Chanel heels.

Overwhelming designs, OTT prints, luxurious styles just aren’t for me. I prefer to shop in the “basics” section of most stores. That may sound unadventurous to some and could reflect my personality (yeah Laura you’re so boring). So be it!

For me, it’s the small details that count with any outfit. For example, this jacket from H&M is the perfect example of less it more! The floral embroidery is just enough to make my outfit stand out a little bit.


With fashion and beauty, we can over-do it.  We put pressure on ourselves to look and dress a certain way. Many of us stare at YouTube tutorials each day in the hope we can replicate someone else’s style.

While I am all for experimenting with styles and testing out new looks, I think it is incredibly important to remember to feel comfortable. You need to try things and ensure that they are perfect for you.

I’ve tested out different looks and I always, always go back to t-shirt and jeans. Because that’s how I feel comfortable and myself. Although once in awhile I will switch it up and wear a dress, skirts and shirts but again they are all pretty simplistic.


When you worry about how your outfit will look on Instagram or whether you have mastered the perfect cat eye or even whether you have the Pinterest-worthy office, you’re giving yourself an unnecessary pressure for perfection.

Since moving into my own home I have been constantly concerned about stupid things. Things I don’t have much control of. Stuff like the dog’s paw prints, chipping paint and cracked plaster. All of the things I thought I didn’t have to worry about for years. Instead, it all happened in weeks. I am now trying to let go of that perfection and realising that my home is always going to be something I will be working on. Just like everything. But life and comfortability will always come first.

I can make my life Instagram-worthy or photo perfect but how long does it last before the cracks and imperfections start to show? Consider that when you overthink and concern yourself too much about appearances and fashion. Do what comes naturally.


T-shirt – H&M | Jacket – H&M | Boots – H&M | Hat – O’NEILL (Similar here)

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