Finding the Perfect Office Chair

Finding the Perfect Leather Office Chair

Since working in an office I have had a few arguments with the chairs I’ve had to pop my bum on. Some have been unbearably uncomfortable making very difficult to concentrate and focus on my work. Which is why I have been considering what type of chair I want for my home office. So, when Lakeland Furniture got in touch requesting a review of one of their products my first stop was the leather office chairs.


Being someone who is not a huge fan of real leather, I was happy to see that Lakeland also provided faux leather office chairs also (woohoo!).

Based on my ideas on what I am picturing my new office to look like, I decided to choose a white leather chair. I’m planning on having bright, white and pale decor for my new workspace and thought that the colour would be perfect instead of something a little harsher, like black.

As for sizes and style, many office chairs are very Don Draper-esque – large, dark and masculine. For myself, I was hoping to find something small, dainty but sturdy and comfortable. Oh and it HAS to have arm rests.


After a little hunt through the website, I discovered a cute little number called the Bahama Faux Leather Office Chair. I fell in love with the style. I thought it was elegant, minimal and, most importantly, looked comfortable.



As I do not have an official moving date yet, I had the chair brought to my in-laws home (my current house is a mess right now!) so once it was put together, Paul and I made a visit to their home to have a play!

Unboxing & Assembly: Although it was my father-in-law who unboxed it for me (seeing it was moved to his home for storage during the move), he found it easy to assemble. The chair was in separate pieces but took less than 5 minutes to put together. Everything was there, wrapped well and undamaged.

Appearances: The chair itself was in great condition and was to a high standard. The white faux leather didn’t appear cheap or tatty (which faux leather can be) and it was comfortably padded throughout the seat. I also really loved the chrome with the white leather – very modern and stylish which is just what I had pictured when I requested this style.

I was slightly worried about the size of the chair as the seat itself seemed very small and I wondered whether I feel cramped, especially with the arm rests.

Comfortability: Once the height of the chair is adjusted to suit my small stature it is incredibly comfortable. Although I had been worried about the seat size there was plenty of room between me and the arm rests. Just be sure to check the specifications before you buy.

Overall, for comfortability the chair is fab BUT you do have to get up every now and again as the chair’s back is at a 90-degree angle so you can feel a little bit like Forrest Gump if you’re sat there too long.

Functionality:  This leather office chair spins 360 degrees. This is great if you’re turning this way and that in the office. It moves smoothly and has super whizzy wheels to get from one side of the room to the other. No stiffness in the wheels whatsoever. I do want to point out the chair is currently on hard flooring. So, the movement of the chair may be different on thicker carpets. The gas lift is easy and gentle to use without any unexpected drops.


At its amazing low price, this Bahama faux leather office chair is definitely one of the best I’ve used. Over the years, I have had chairs give me a bad back and aching shoulders. Many have stiff wheels making it hard to manoeuvre and no seat spin. I’ve also been known to have a mini heart palpitation when adjusting the height. But I didn’t get that with the Bahama.

I believe this will be a great addition to my new house. It has style and works wonders with no funny levers, squeaking or creaking.

Not only that but it is a pleasure to sit in. As I will be working from home I won’t necessarily be sat in it for 8 hours. Therefore, it’s lack of tilting functionality to make it more laid back is not an issue for me.

Overall, if you’re looking for stylish, modern and comfortable leather office chairs I’d definitely recommend the Bahama range.

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