The Graduate

This post is going to be a mixture of both mine and Amy’s words because she’s what this post is really about! Yep, that’s right. This is a post celebrating her graduation ceremony; our mini break away to Wales and the fact she now has a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing.

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For Amy’s graduation, me, Amy and Dad headed to Lampeter, Wales where we stayed in the ground floor apartment of a gorgeous cottage.

The apartment came complete with stunning views. It was very cosy and had the country feel you’d expect. I adored the exposed brick, country decoration and the animals roaming around on the decking staring at us through the glass doors, which gave us the optimum view of the sunset.

During our stay at the cottage, we mostly relaxed in preparation for the graduation day and journey home. Dad cooked us an awesome buffet to celebrate whilst I made some cakes (first time for everything!). The three Bakers had a geek out watching Grand Designs and QI while scoffing on food and drinking coffee, a family addiction.

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I think I’m going to let Amy take over this part of the post as Dad and I spent most of the day in the Starbucks while I cried over Amy growing up…

My graduation was a dreamlike blur of nerves and joy. Years of preparation and hard work all converged into that one day – a brief moment of my life but something I’ll cherish forever.

When we arrived at the campus, it was pretty early so there were few people. It meant we could go straight through the routine. We first registered and then went to get my robes.

I simply had to join a tiny queue and say my name when I received my heavy robe and cap which I had rented for £50 from my university’s choice of gown hire company. This robe was the bane of my day but also uplifting. If we didn’t have the robes, the day would have felt a lot less special.

If you graduate, make sure you get lots of pictures in that robe! Make the heat worth it.

After a few confusing texts between friends, I finally caught up with my classmates and hung out with them the whole time. I did feel guilty for leaving my dad and sister in Starbucks, but I knew I’d probably never see my friends again after that day. Not to mention, taking two non-drinkers to wine reception didn’t seem very thoughtful.


My friends and I laughed and joked until it came time to split up and rehearse. Luckily for me, one of my university besties was seated right beside me. We ran through the whole order of events and were released again for a cheeky snack and more photos.

When it came time to actually go in for real, everyone was nervous and trembling wrecks. It didn’t help that almost everyone in the hall was wearing those heat-making robes and the place had no windows itself.

We each walked across the stage one by one, the nerves literally falling away with each shaky step. Once we had sat back down, the rest was all pomp and ceremony and pretty dull. But that’s just me, I find assemblies boring – this one had the added pressure of the heat.

Once out, I took a few more pictures with friends, picked up my certificate and returned my robes. That was the end of the most special day of my life.

Well, I thought. Dad and Laura headed into the supermarket for things for our little banquet. When they returned, they were holding a bouquet of flowers. While it was unlikely to be anyone else’s I didn’t believe it was for me. I had never had a bouquet before and it was actually a better gift than any of the alternatives they could have got me.

When we arrived back at the cottage, we were all pretty exhausted. I sat playing Sims and watching some Grand Designs while dad and Laura cooked dinner and baked cakes.

It was most probably the best day of my life.

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