Benefits of Waking Up Early

The Benefits of Waking Up Early

I have never ever, ever been a morning person. So receiving an email from challenging me to get up early every day so I can really “live for the now” made me wonder if it was really worth it.

After the first few days, I managed to pick up a routine whereby I was able to feel the true benefits of being an early bird. Obviously, there were a few days where I did something different to make myself more productive but here are the main reasons why you should be taking the #EarlybirdChallenge too.


  • Time to gather your thoughts – Being able to take your time to get ready and focus on the day ahead will help stress levels.You can take things slowly.
  • Getting fit – Most people’s excuse for not working out it because they don’t have enough time. If you get up an hour earlier, you can go to the gym. Then you’ve not only exercised but woken your mind and body up to what else to come in the day. You may even be able to watch the sun rise.
  • Take a stroll – Getting up earlier means no longer running for a bus or power walking it to the office. You can now take your leisurely time and perhaps even pop into a coffee shop along the way and read a book before settling into your work.
  • Easier commute – Getting the earlier train can mean that you will get a seat, somewhere to keep your coffee and elbow room to read your book!
  • Into the office – Getting into the office before working hours can often help you prepare for what tasks lay ahead meaning when the phones start ringing at 9, you’ll already have replied to your emails and done some paperwork! 
  • The most important meal – I can imagine many people skip breakfast because they’re too busy rushing to get ready. Even getting up half an hour means you can have a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee.
  • You’ll sleep better – You’ve been up 6 hours and it’s only midday. But keep those eyes open because you’ll be having a peaceful night’s rest by 10pm!
  • Leisure time – After getting more done in the office, you are now able to enjoy your time at home.
  • Me time – Don’t have time to put your face on in the morning? Never do anything different with your hair? Now you can. Having more time in the morning allows you to try new things and make an effort with your appearance.
  • Time for emergencies – You’ve poured coffee over yourself. What now? Since you got up earlier, you now have a backup plan.


  • Move your alarm clock somewhere you can’t reach so you have to get up.
  • As soon as you hear your alarm and jump out of bed. Head straight to the bathroom, splash some cold water on your face and then make yourself a glass of water. This will wake you and your brain up!
  • Think about all the benefits listed above and get that butt outta that bed!
  • Get to bed earlier. Switch off your mobile, switch off the TV and read a book from 9 – 9.30pm. Turn off the lights and sweet dreams.

It’s not that hard once you get into the swing of things and it’s so beneficial. Let me know if you’re planning on taking the #EarlybirdChallenge! Tweet @lauraLFTN and @officefinders to let us know how you are doing.

Thank you for inspiring me to take this challenge!


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