The Benefits of Decluttering

“Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on a new lifestyle.” ― Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

An interesting quote which speaks a lot of truth. When you declutter your room, your office, your wardrobe or even just a drawer, you are removing parts of your past that no longer need to be there. You are also clearing the way for new and better things and making life easier for yourself. Here are a few ways of doing so and the benefits that come with it!


Let’s start off by clearing out that wardrobe! More often and not we ladies like to keep old clothes. It could be because we will be afraid to miss it (even after not wearing it for three years). Or it could be that it holds a place in our heart. But the important thing to remember is that clothes are simply a material possession that can easily be replaced.

If you’ve barely worn an item, sell it or donate it to a charity shop. This way you will start making room for newer trends and future fashion.


Workspaces should always be clutter free with only your essentials and motivational tools nearby. Clutter will only prevent you from finding what you need or losing important information. Store old notebooks away for a year or so. If you didn’t look at them, throw them out. Old letters? Scan them in, save them and shred the hard copy. Most information can be kept digitally so you can scrap the paper copies and keep electronic versions backed up on your hard drive.


A tidy room is a happy room. When everything is organised, tidy and put away it clears your mind and make everything easier to find. Throw away anything you don’t need or want. Only keep what will be used regularly or where it will have a place. It will make you feel better 🙂

Once you clear things out you are less likely to bring more items into the home, keeping everything in its rightful place.


Keep documents and photos organised in folders. Remove any files that you don’t need and regularly empty that recycle bin too, to free up some space on that PC!

As for web browsers; keep clearing history and delete any bookmarks you no longer use. It will make other pages easier to find, saving you time and hassle.


There are just some things you have no need for and so need to be in the bin:

  • Clothes that: you don’t wear, don’t fit or have holes in,
  • Old magazines,
  • Paid bills,
  • Hair accessories you no longer wear,
  • Beauty samples,
  • Dried up nail polish, mascara and eyeliner,
  • Old CDs and DVDs that you no longer listen to/watch,
  • Costume jewellery that turns your skin green,
  • Scraps of wrapping paper,
  • Nearly empty perfume bottles,
  • Old full up notebooks,
  • Manuals to items you know how to use/will never use,
  • Pens that don’t work,
  • Dead batteries,
  • Old birthday cards,
  • Old diaries, calendars and planners,
  • Delete emails,
  • Unsubscribe to sites you no longer use,
  • Delete browsing history, bookmarks and desktop icons that you no longer look at,
  • Extra buttons for clothes.


We all know tidiness is a good thing. But what else can getting rid of old junk do?

  • It’s a good way to keep your mind off things,
  • It makes you feel more organised,
  • The decluttered area will look tidier,
  • Documents, clothes, shoes etc. will be easier to find, saving time and stress,
  • You may find something that will be more useful to someone else,
  • You can make some money,
  • It gets rid of bad memories,
  • You will be more likely to have company at home if your house less cluttered.


  • After the Big Clean Up, go through everything once a month or take 5-10 minutes a week to sort everything out around you.
  • If you’re not sure if you need it, keep it stored for 6-12 months. If it’s not used, bin it.
  • Scan any correspondence and shred the hard copy.
  • Buy desk tidies and compact storage units to keep everything organised.
  • Label folders so you know where to find important paper documents.
  • You don’t have to throw everything away, you can sell it or donate it.
  • Don’t need it? Don’t buy it! You will save money and are less likely to throw it away later on.

Are you a bit of a hoarder or do you have regular clear outs? Let me know what tips you would give to someone who likes to keep old envelopes and worn out hair ties!

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  • Reply The Sunday Mode October 11, 2015 at 6:39 am

    I can be a hoarder in some respects but other times I have no nostalgia whatsoever and just throw everything away. With birthday cards for example, as soon as someone gives me one it goes straight to the bin! I mean, I obviously wait until they’re not around but unless they’ve written a really meaningful card I just don’t see the point of keeping them really.

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