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The Benefits of Blogger Chats on Twitter

Whenever I get time I like to get involved in Blogger Chats on Twitter. “What is this?” you may be asking… Well, some amazing human being decided it would be a great idea to bring the blogging community together through the use of Twitter. By creating an account where questions will be posted, bloggers would then answer them and using a hashtag so other users could see their answers.

Sometimes, I just like to read the comments and answers people give on various subjects (especially the controversial ones). It’s splendid to see the opinions of bloggers from across the world on various topics but that’s not the only benefit of keeping your eye on the chats!

  • Free, honest promotion – Using the hashtag for the chat and getting involved as a whole may get you some retweets and likes, especially if your answer is unique.
  • New ideas and outlooks – It’s inspiring when bloggers share their true feelings on topics because it often gives a new POV on subjects that may change the way you see things.
  • Finding new blogs – At the end of chats I usually share my blog link and ask for some links back. I then check them out, see if they’re my thing and follow (some of) them. This is a fab way to discover your new favourite blog!
  • Content ideas – Whenever there are good topics to discuss I usually find the cogs turning and content ideas start being created. This way you can discuss ideas in more depth as opposed to just 140 characters!
  • It’s fun! – Once you get used to having the hashtag tab open as well as the account with questions open and refreshing, it’s fun to share. I often really have to stop and think about my wording and opinions on subjects as I may never have considered them before.

Do you take part in Blogger Chats on Twitter? !

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