Ten Uses for Ten Notebooks

Ten Uses for Ten Notebooks

We all collect something, don’t we? I know many people who collect notebooks and are afraid to touch their pristine white pages. But why? Maybe we should all tackle our collections. Use those notebooks! Use those mugs or that jewellery you’ve hidden away.

So here are a few ideas to help everyone who has a surplus of notebooks get the most out of them!

1. Journal

This is a great go-to everyone should try. A journal can work as free therapy, a place to offload your troubles without being judged. Find somewhere safe to hide your little journal, and you can put almost anything in it! Many people like to flick back in their journals for either inspiration or as a way of reminding yourself why you shouldn’t sleep with your ex.

2. Dream Journal

Do you ever wake up after having a great or terrible dream and think that you’d love to write a story based on it? Come on, I’ve had nightmares that would make great horrors. But after a few minutes, you can remember diddly of your dream. That’s why you need a dream journal. Keeping a notebook and pen by your bed will let you note down your delirious ramblings. Hey, if your dreams aren’t as cool as you remember when you read them back, you can always use them as a springboard!

3. School/Work Notebook

Okay, so this is a darn boring use for a notebook. However, some people – such as myself – learn best by noting everything down. This is why I will always carry my notebook around, jotting down everything I need to remember as I work. It’s also a good way to keep information on appointments and shift times.

4. Memory Book

When a journal just doesn’t cut it, a memory book can act as a great way of keeping hold of in-depth memories. Unlike my journal, I can spend five pages on one day! I’ll stick my tickets, armbands and photos of the day out before annotating my thoughts and feelings to it.

Now, most people claim they don’t do this because they have their memories, but they might not one day. We see people lose their best memories daily – soldiers are shot in the head; forty-year-olds get early onset Alzheimer’s and others just don’t have a good memory. How horrible is it to be unable to remember one of your favourite days in your life?

If I had to save one object, I would save my memory book. Because at least I’d have my memories.

5. Doodle Diary

People get bored. I know that I do. Sure, we can all flick around on our phones when waiting for the train. But what about when you’re not allowed your phone? Or when your battery is dying? Keeping a doodle book is great for letting out your bored frustration. Not to mention that it can also work as inspiration for artists and designers.

6. Bucketlist/Resolution Book

Everyone has a dream. Mine is to have a novel published. Is that on my bucket list? Of course, it is! It’s the first thing on my list. What’s your first thing?

A bucket list/resolution book can help you keep track of your goals and note down your journey. Every month you can check the book and see where you are struggling and what you can improve.

But remember: you’re not failing if you don’t achieve your goals. Push your deadline back and try again, until you’ve done it.

7. Dietary Journal

Everyone has that one thing they don’t like. We all also struggle with some food for other reasons. Keeping a dietary journal is great for those with intolerances and allergies. It can help you to relay to your doctor or personal trainer with accuracy so they can help you best.

8. Sticker Album

As an adult, I don’t want stickers all over my expensive furniture and painted walls! So where can I put my killer, free stickers? I mean, stickers are useless if you can’t see them. So that’s why a notebook would be a great place to put your favourite stickers.

Not to mention that there is a great site called Redbubble where you can buy and make lots of stickers. This way you can have a modern and easy photo album!

9. Arts and Crafts Ideas

People can get ideas in all sorts of crazy situations. And if you enjoy art or make your living from it, it’s key to have someplace to put your rough ideas and evolve them into the final product. That’s why you should always have a notebook free to jot everything down in.

10. Storybook

This is the biggest reason that I personally have so many notebooks. But why, when I have a laptop? It’s all well and good typing things up, but it feels so good to just splurge your words on paper. If you write by hand until your fingers are sore and have a red indentation, you know you can feel satisfied that you have put your heart into it.

What are your notebooks used for? Do you use any of these ideas? Comment below!

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