Super Simple Protein Smoothie

Super Simple Protein Smoothie

When you workout regularly it’s important to repair your muscles. The best way to do this is through consuming protein. And a super quick and easy way to get protein into your body is via protein shakes and smoothies. I thought I’d share what I put in mine!

Super Simple Protein Smoothie


  • Blender/smoothie maker (I use a Breville one!)
  • Raw kale (contains protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, omega 3 and is good for eyes)
  • Spinach (contains protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals and has rich iron content)
  • Banana Whey Protein Powder (contains protein and amino acids, helps muscle growth and repair)
  • Frozen berries (high in beneficial vitamins)
  • Water


  1. Take two handfuls of kale and spinach and pop into your blender/smoothie maker.
  2. Pour in two cups of cold water.
  3. Put in one scoop of protein powder and blitz until the liquid is green and smooth.
  4. Add a handful of frozen berries and another cup of water.
  5. Blend until smooth, add more berries if you want it fruitier or half a scoop of powder.

Super Simple Protein Smoothie


There are a tonne of benefits to protein smoothies:

  • Quick and easy to make.
  • Contain simple yet effective ingredients to help your body mend and grow after workouts.
  • Filling but doesn’t bloat you out.
  • Great for on the go!
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