My Short Summer Stays in Sidmouth


Although Paul and I love to travel and see the world, it’s important to get away to places in your own country. Luckily for us, my grandmother lives in Sidmouth, Devon which is my favourite staycation spot.

As a child, my holidays would consist on visiting Devon and the South West of England because we had family there. However, now that I’m an adult I really do appreciate getting away from the bustle of city living and going to the country. I feel so relaxed when we stay with my wonderful Nanny Sue. There’s always plenty of tea and walks across the beach with Winnie (her dog), which is my idea of a perfect staycation.

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Except during Folk Week, there are rarely many tourists so it’s a fab place to go to get away from it all. Sidmouth is chock full of little coffee shops and pubs around the sea front as well as some beautiful parks and gardens to enjoy. But, should we ever want to have some city life whilst there Paul and I will drive into nearby city of Exeter to do some shopping.

There are plenty of things you can do there.

Explore – There are plenty of woodlands and public footpaths to go on an adventure through.

Tea Shops – Where you can have tea and scones in the morning or afternoon.

Pubs – For evening entertainment and local alcohol.

Beaches – For most of the year these beaches are dog-friendly. However, even in the summer there are spots where you can take your dog. For non-dog owners, they are as fun as you make the beach! Use your imagination.

Folk Week – This is great for those who love art, crafts and olde British traditions. Yes, including mead and Morris Dancing.

Radway cinema – This quaint but somewhat late-to-show-blockbusters cinema is a blast from the past. It takes you back to when cinemas were small and felt a lot more personal.

Jurassic Coast and animal close-by sanctuaries – There are plenty of animal sanctuaries such as the donkey or llama sanctuaries. These are great for anyone who loves animals.

Nearby Crealy – The closest adventure park to Sidmouth is a staple part of South Western childhood holidays.

…and much more!

We always have a lovely time here and look forward to returning.



Have you ever been to Sidmouth? What did you enjoy there? Or is there anywhere in else England you consider a perfect place to go if you can’t leave the country? How do your staycations compare to international vacations?

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  • Reply Jenny moors January 2, 2016 at 9:36 pm

    We discovered Sidmouth this year, Love it. Especially all the places that welcomes doggies! The colour of the cliffs are striking. Love the seafront walk and the relaxing pace. Jenny x

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