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Can you tell that I love wish lists? Well, who doesn’t? I have quite a few on various websites, all ready for the day I win the lottery. Fat chance of that happening but hey, a girl can dream. And today I am sharing my lust of summer and Race Day dresses from Coast.

Now, although I am not a big fan of horse racing myself, I do love the summery yet stylish outfits that the ladies wear to the events. Here are some gorgeous dresses I am loving that are suitable for any formal occasion without being OTT!


Race Day

Whether it’s a wedding, formal birthday event or if you’re into Race Day events, these dresses are the ones to go for. Classy, elegant and have a classic summer feel. And they can all be day/nightwear too.

Each one of these dresses has their own character and can be accessorised for any occasion. I am really obsessing over the bright florals and beautiful lace designs of these dresses. And the cut of them are so flattering, how could you not feel gorgeous wearing them?

Some beautiful silver pumps and an elegant clutch are the perfect accessories to go with these summer dresses. And those are the kinda accessories you need as they can go with practically any formal look. Of course, some of the dresses can even be worn during other seasons, with some clever layering. But let’s focus on the warmer months to come. Bright sunshine, a fabulously large summer hat, big sunnies and a glass of pink champagne in hand.


My favourite dress is probably the Patience dress, followed by Riri. The white lace Bardot has an elegant bridal feel to it, without being overly formal and would look great with a pair of flip flops and some boho accessories.

The Riri, on the other hand, looks like something Betty Draper from Mad Men would wear. Very classic Hollywood summer chic. I can imagine myself, wearing some beautiful pale blue ballet pumps, Jackie O sunglasses, and bright pink lipstick whilst in Cannes.

The Carla dress is formal but not so much that you can’t wear it as a day dress. It’s an outfit that shows the world that you want to make an effort, that you feel and look beautiful.

As for the Flamenco shift dress, this is the ideal wedding outfit/work dress. The bright, bold colours add a dash of fun the sophisticated cut making it the ultimate summer work wardrobe must have.

Last but not least, the Linear lace dress in dark blue. Decorated with silver jewellery, I adore this item for going out on the town with friends or drinks with colleagues. Adding something glitzy to this look like diamond earrings will make this midnight blue look as if the stars have some out.

All these dresses are gorgeous. But which one is your favourite? 
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