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Beauty, stationery and craft subscriptions were something I had never heard of until I started blogging. And it was only a few weeks ago when I was sent a food box (that’s right, a box of food) by Degustabox, that I discovered what type of subscription I needed in my life. Although I love makeup and beauty tips there is one thing that I am always sold on and that is a hamper of snacks and edible goodies. So, why is it such a good idea?


Degustabox is a subscription based service where you can either pay monthly (£12.99 per month) or bulk order 3 months (£11.99 per month). Once you subscribe you will then receive 10-15 food and drink items straight to your door.



In January’s box we were sent the following:

  • Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate Coin
  • Quinola Mothergrain Express Split Pea
  • We Are Little’s Flavour Infused Instant Coffee
  • Aspire Healthy Energy Drinks
  • Finn Crisp Seeds & Sea Salt Snacks
  • Natvia Natural Sweetener
  • The Chia Co Chia Seed
  • Fruittella
  • Yushio Snapea Rice Sticks
  • Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer
  • Boost Drinks Protein
  • Popchips Ridges
  • Weetabix On The Go

You can view everything in the boxes from previous months here.

I added the items up from various super markets (excluding the protein shake and Fruittella pack as I couldn’t find a price on those particular items) and they came to over £20! Therefore, saving you around £8.




Here are our thoughts on some of the goodies in this delicious hamper! We’re still making our way through a few of the items (SO MUCH FOOD!)

Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer – Scottish Raspberry

Although I am not a big drinker, I had to give this a try. Fruity and refreshing, this drink is definitely one I will be purchasing in the summer! A little sweet so not for those who aren’t big fans of sweet beverages!

Fruittella – Strawberry 30% Less Sugar

I haven’t had Fruittella in years! This took me way back to my childhood, getting sweets on the way home from school. The only issue being is that they are incredibly moreish.

Protein Boost –  Chocolate Flavour

I’m not a huge fan of protein shakes because they are often either gritty or have a foul aftertaste. However, the bottle we received was amazing. It just tastes like chocolate milkshake without the horrible guilt!

Yushoi – Coconut and Chilli

Oh my God, these little snapea rice crisp things are the bee’s knees. I am in love with them! When I go out to buy Yushoi, I don’t usually intend to buy wild flavours. However, the goodie box gave me one I was wary of. Can I just say that they are amazing! I’ll definitely be buying this flavour again.

Finn Crisp Snacks – Seeds and Sea Salt

Okay, real talk. I didn’t love these on their own, but they weren’t terrible. But they have everything a good snack needs, all while being healthy! While I couldn’t make a dip using the accompanying recipe book, I did dip them in some of the things I already have. I tried it with a homemade chutney and it tasted smokey, with a delicious sweet and salty mix. Eaten with a garlic and herb dip, they were exceptional. Honestly, I believe it’s all down to which dip you use as to whether you like them or not!

Aspire – Mango Lemonade

Don’t mistake this green tea as just being mango lemonade. You’ll get a shock! This is a delicious treat for fans of fruit teas and energy drinks, but who want a healthy alternative to the heart-attacks in a can. This drink is both healthy and delicious. Honestly, I was sceptical until I popped open the can and took a long slurp. But I’m now in love.

We Are Little’s Flavour Infused Instant Coffee

This instant coffee is amazing! Surprisingly, it tasted more of vanilla than many other vanilla flavoured coffee’s I’ve ever had. And guess what? It’s just instant coffee, which means it’s so easy to make in the morning. And with the sweeteners they gave us, all I needed was the water and soy to make a great drink.



So, we’ve shown you that you can save some coinage when you subscribe to Degustabox, but what else?

  • You get to try new things that you may not have considered before.
  • No need to purchase snacks for movie night as you already have them!
  • It allows you to experience new food groups.
  • You get cards with little recipes!
  • Most of the items are pretty healthy. It’s not like you’re getting a box of chocolates and cakes (although that would be nice).


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