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Stationery companies have really caught onto the fact that there are plenty of us lads and ladies who adore pretty little notebooks, cute pens and overall stylish stationery. And I am LOVING IT (send more).

I have so many notepads, pensm stickers and planners around the house, in my handbags, laptop case… everywhere! Why? Because sometimes you just need to write stuff down. Thoughts, feelings, telephone numbers, reminders – everything. Luckily for me nothing gets lost and I know where I wrote certain notations. However, I will be honest with you. Whenever a new notebook comes my way I forget about the old one… Even if I used a few pages. Lord knows why.

And that is why I am a little infatuated with Busy B. Completely cute and utterly stylish stationery and gifts (I want it all). And like some of my other stationery faves, I am all about the incredible designs and positive messages Busy B gives on many of their incredible items.



The artists and designers at Busy B clearly know who their target audience is. And that is stationery loving, Instagramming (desktop flat lay anyone?), working girls who want to keep on top of everything and ensure that it’s all in the right place.

And with that in mind, Busy B kindly gifted me this adorable A6 notebook which fits perfectly in my handbag for whenever I need to make notes on the go (goodbye old napkins). The elasticated band stops pages from bending when being flung around in my bag but the best part is… It’s ruled! I cannot write in a straight line for the life of me so this is a great way of keeping my on-the-go note taking neat and tidy. Speaking of neat, this sweet notebook also has a storage pocket to hold receipts and any loose papers at the back. Yay for tidy handbag space!

Oh and they also sent me some adorable page markers, perfect for helping me find clauses in documentation or important notes(and goodbye loose bit of paper and oversized sticky notes!). A super fun way to make work a little bit easier.

I adore the bright colouring, the sleek style and quirky designs.

Check out Busy B’s New Fashion range now!

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