WOMEN ONLY: Starting The Pill

For those ladies who are thinking about changing contraceptive method or those who are looking to start the pill as a whole, I thought I would share my thoughts and experiences. I’ve had a few friends ask me questions about my life on the Pill so I thought there may be others in the same position.

This is a personal post and talks about lady business so if you can’t handle the idea of periods then you better go! This is by no means me trying to give medical advice. 


I started the Pill when I was 14 years old. As a teen my periods were incredibly uncomfortable and heavy (more so than what I perceived to be as normal). I was recommended Microgynon, which is a combined pill. I had to take it each day for three weeks and then stop for my next period. Once that was done I would start up again. The first week or so of taking it I was bleeding rather heavily and felt terribly sick but after that I had incredibly light menstrual cycles which lasted 3 days. Fab!

After about five years I was taken off Microgynon due to the migraines I had been having during that time. Yeah, took the doctors long enough to notice… I was told that if I continued taking it I could increase my risk of having a stroke.


I was then recommended Cerazette. This pill I had to take every day, about the same time due to having less hormones.  What I wasn’t told by the doctor was that my period may stop completely. Which was scary at first but a habit I got used to! Five years on I am still on this pill and I’ve had no problems. My migraines have gone which is a blessing 🙂


  • Easy to take
  • Lighter and regular periods
  • Less painful periods woo!
  • Women who have used birth control pills have been found to have fewer cases of anemia (low red blood cells), ovarian cancer, and uterine cancer.
  • Clearer skin



  • Talk to your doctor, don’t go straight to family planning clinic.
  • Your doctor will recommend various birth control methods. Choose what you feel comfortable with.
  • All pills are different be sure to read the manual that comes with it.
  • Note down any random bleeding or headaches. Make sure you tell your doctor.
  • Make sure you go to check ups as your doctor will have to check your blood pressure and ask any questions about changes to your body.

There we go a little personal but a hopefully helpful post! Have you had similar experiences you’d be ok with sharing? 

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  • Reply Alison November 10, 2015 at 12:56 pm

    Do they actually admit now that oral contraceptives can trigger migraines in some women? I had vicious migraines in my 20s while on the Pill. Formulations have changed so much since then, so perhaps its less of an issue now. But the thing was, the doctors insisted that there was no conclusive link between the two. It was well over a decade after I stopped taking the Pill before the migraines finally became only occasional and much less debilitating. I would advise finding out from your first generation female relatives if they have any history of migraine, whether or not they were on the Pill at one time. If there is a history, While we are on the topic of contraception, when are men going to start taking more of the responsibility? Despite its long history, birth control continues to be largely targeted at women with little R&D into something for men beyond condoms. Sorry for the wee rant. Its a topic that really irks me.

  • Reply Katy November 10, 2015 at 10:27 pm

    This is a perfect time for this post for me – I was on microgynon for 4 years and I’ve been changed over to Cerazette in the past month because of migraines and super bad period pains!! With Microgynon I would 8 day long periods with pain for 6/8 days 🙁 Thankfully the dr told me I wouldn’t have a period probably with this pill – although I did for the first week of taking it! I’m hoping it will give me clear skin, but I’ve had really bad skin over the past week – which I never have, so I’m reaaaaally hoping that’s just a change of hormones and my skin will settle down soon!

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