How to Spruce Up Your Blog

How to Spruce Up Your Blog

Ever look at your blog and think “there’s something missing”? You could be needing to give your blog a spruce up. This can come in several forms. It could be simply updating images to be more professional, or it could be a complete redesign. Below are some tips on how to spruce up your blog.


Adding new topic categories is a great way to add a little more va-va-voom to your blog. This is the perfect opportunity to diverse your content, reinvent old ideas and to be more creative.  Even if it just means go through old posts and rewrite them.


Changing the layout of your blog can give it a whole different atmosphere. Getting a new theme is kinda like getting a brand new outfit. It’s fresh and it feels good! Obviously, your design doesn’t need to be changed each year but if you’ve been thinking about it, this is the year to take action.


Colour schemes and logo redesigns are a great and simple way to give your blog a spruce up without needing to change the whole design. Play around with fonts and colour pairings to give your site a new lick of paint!


Plan to get involved with blog chats, create a Facebook page or even up your Instagram game. Being more active on your blog’s social media channels is the perfect way to engage a new audience.

I hope this has inspired you to spruce up your blog whether it’s big or small changes!

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