Speaking Your Mind Online

Speaking Your Mind Online

I mentioned at the end of last week that a big reason why I have removed Facebook for the time being is due to the ignorant comments my “friends” shared on their accounts. I discussed that freedom of speech means they can say what they want, where they want. But when does it go from freedom of speech to just being ignorant and thoughtless? Hello rant post!

You may remember I did a post about why you should be careful about what you say online. This is quite similar except it’s less about being nasty about others and more about not writing things with little evidence, care or consideration.


What I always find incredibly ironic (and I hope I am using irony in its correct context here) is that people will say “it’s my Facebook I can say what I want” and yet, if you choose not to see it by removing them as your friend, then suddenly you’re in the wrong.

Voicing your opinion as to why you have removed that person also seems to come as a surprise. Surely you can let that person know you don’t like what they are saying and not be victimised? If anyone is going to understand freedom of speech it should be the one who is preaching it.

If someone feels the need to say what they want, let them do it. But what that person should expect is that others will say what they want right back (SPOILER:  They may not like it).


People who choose to write about race, religion and politics often have a very misguided view about the topic in question. They are often people who are swayed by the media who are run by those who will gain something from a particular story. But what can also be amusing is that even when you show facts, figures and evidence to back up why they are wrong, they still choose to refuse that information as fact. Therefore, if you are offended by someone online who is simply not listening or even considering any information given to them, you have someone who is ignorant. Just remove them.

Sharing opinions online is one thing, but if there is a refusal to look at the other side of the coin that’s when a person is simply mindless and unempathetic.


I am currently ranting (sorry guys). I’ve thought about this rant long and hard. And that’s what we all should do before we write our thoughts and feelings online. You need to step back and see if you’ve been fair to all parties. If you don’t want to be, then that’s fine too. But be warned, there will be a response. I am prepared for comments each time I post anything on the internet. If someone were to say something to me which really crushed my argument to the ground I would always put my hands up and say “I see your point.” As Marilyn Monroe said in 1962, “there are always two sides to every story.”


I love the internet. I love sharing what I’m eating, updating you on when I go to the gym (I should start that again really) or even just Snapchatting ugly selfies – even if you don’t want to see it. The web is not only here for cat videos and online shopping but to also educate, inform and inspire. The way we share things should be from the heart, honest but thought through. Think about what you say before you say it. And be prepared for the storm that may come your way.

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  • Reply Alison Harriman November 29, 2015 at 11:28 am

    Its a shame popular media doesn’t share your view Laura. Some self policing on their part wouldn’t go amiss. But I suppose that comes under the heading of “censorship”.

    • Reply Laura November 29, 2015 at 4:50 pm

      If we all spoke our minds about everything, I’m sure many of us would get in trouble. It’s not censorship in the slightest… It’s being aware of how others may feel about something. Which is why I always try and discuss two sides of an argument when sharing an opinion 🙂 xxx

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