Some Like It Hot

How excited was I when I saw an email subject saying “We want to send you Marilyn Monroe eyewear“?

Allure Eyewear had seen my Marilyn Monroe website and thought I would be a good promoter of their Marilyn Monroe Eyewear. In all honesty, say that I often remove myself as much as possible from the Marilyn Monroe estate for personal reasons, however, the Marilyn Monroe Eyewear  brand is classy and not full of false misrepresentations of the woman I adore. So, I accepted their kind offer and was incredibly honoured.


I love everything about these sunglasses especially the shape. I chose black (they come in a variety, see bottom of post of link) because, as the saying goes, “black goes with everything.” The case is also gorgeous with Marilyn’s autograph etched into the silver top.

This was perfect timing as I was heading to LA aka where Marilyn spent the majority of her life. But seeing as we were landing in Vegas first we decided to drive and stop off at San Diego. And for those who have seen Some Like It Hot, you will recognise the hotel in this blog post – Hotel Del Coronado.

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I thought this would be an even better location to show off these beautiful sunny specs seeing as this is where Marilyn filmed one of her biggest and most popular roles as Sugar Kane!

San Diego is absolutely beautiful and the beach is stunning. I wish we could’ve spent more time here but sadly we had to continue our road trip to LA.

You can get your own Marilyn Monroe sunglasses here. The sunglasses pictured and my favourite is Annabel 🙂

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