Sneaky Storage Solutions

You’ve probably seen those micro-apartments that are selling for millions in London. Although I personally cannot see myself living in the same small living space as these city slickers, I do admire the work that goes into storing furniture and everyday items with sneaky storage solutions. This isn’t just for micro-apartments. This goes for all small spaces.


Bespoke oak larder : Country style kitchen by Maple & Gray

Tinned and dry foods, cutlery and cooking utensils can take up more space than what we’d ideally like, especially in a tiny apartment. So having a smart and trendy kitchen storage to help hide and tuck away the non-essentials is the key to creating more space. How are these created? Using available space and smart shelving solutions. : Storage by The Plate Rack
Urban Life gloss white and walnut kitchen—Le mans storage : Modern kitchen by Urban Myth


Living room : Shelves by BRENSO Architecture & Design

Who needs a chunky bookshelf when you can get floating, elevated shelves? These awesome shelving solutions are exactly what you need to create more floor space. Not only that, but floating shelves don’t have traditional brackets that can be a bit of an eyesore. Instead, they have internal brackets meaning you can’t see them. These shelves are specifically designed to be stronger as they have no external support so stronger materials are used to create that added strength. But not only do they create added space but they are also elegant.

ETAGERE RESEAU SET1 : Accessories & decoration by vidame creation


Children’s Bedroom with Plenty of Storage : Beds & cribs by Nubie Kids
Litera con escritorio y librería incorporados : Modern nursery/kids room by Sofás Camas Cruces

One of the best things for kids bedrooms are those bunk beds which have a little study/storage area underneath. This is a fab idea for making the most of the bedroom space. A homework desk tucked neatly under the bed as well as a place to hide toys and books.


Innovative storage solutions. : Modern corridor, hallway & stairs by Chasewood Furniture

The area under the stairs is grossly misused. Why waste space when you could be using it as an additional bookshelf or an awesome sliding coat and shoe cupboard?

There are lots of amazing storage solutions with your stairs, you’re bound to find something for your staircase.

Libreria-escalera : Modern corridor, hallway & stairs by Dolmen Serveis i Projectes SL

These are just some of the incredible designs that will open your world to creativity and space. Rethink the way you use your space and be wowed by what can be created!

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    Wow! These are awesome ideas! I love those under the stair drawers!

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      They’re so cool aren’t they?! xx

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