Small Changes, Big Difference

Small Changes, Big Difference

As we gradually move through the year and Christmas seems like a distant memory you may be asking yourself where you are thinking of going for a summer holiday. Then comes that dreaded thought of “how can I go on the beach looking like this!”. If this is you, I am pretty sure you’re not alone.


Losing weight is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard either. By swapping some of your meals or ingredients for more healthy ones you can soon be shedding those pounds. I never dreamt that I could be of average side let alone being classed as slim. However here I am a size 6-8 and regularly been told that I am thin, or having people say things such as “I’ve seen more fat on a chip!”

When I first decided that I wanted to lose weight I was a morbidly obese size 30. I was out of breath when climbing the stairs and living off convenience foods, take aways and chocolate! I knew I couldn’t continue like this and things had to change. By increasing the number of vegetables I ate with every meal, by swapping high-fat shop bought items to cooking from scratch and by cutting out binging on chocolate whilst watching tv the pounds soon were dropping off.


In 37 weeks I lost 8 stone, then 16 months after starting I hit my weight loss target and had lost a total of 10st 4lb. I was always a quitter. Someone who started diets but never continues but this time I did! Making small swaps and eating more vegetables and less of other items can make a huge difference. If I can do it then I am sure you can too.


  • Add more vegetables to every meal whilst reducing slightly the other componentsonthe meal and keeping the meal the same size.
  • Ditch the shop bought sauces and make your own where you can. For example tinned tomatoes or passata with garlic, herbs, onions, mushrooms and peppers makes a tasty and healthier Bolognese sauce. Or swapping a stir fry sauce for soy sauce.
  • Swap oil for a low-calorie spray oil and a good frying pan so things do not stick
  • Snack on fruit where possible or reduce the size of your snacks eg smaller chocolate bars
  • Use lower fat cheese and milk and swap sugar for sweetener, little changes like these all add up.

Remember whatever your weight loss aims that every little change adds up and if you don’t give up you can soon achieve your dreams.

Just Average Jen is a lifestyle and food blog by Jen, who lost over 10 stone dropping from a whopping size 30 to a slinky size 6-8 just by eating more healthily. Jen shares her tips, recipes and reviews on everything linked to weight loss and healthy eating on her blog. Jen is just an average kind of woman, a mum, a girlfriend and just like the woman next door, she also shares how she is overcoming self-confidence issues and finding who she is now, her lifestyle and an all rounded blog about just your average woman.

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  • Reply Tereza January 20, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    Well done on your success, you’ve done so so well!
    I totally agree with you – small changes make the biggest difference. I’ve gone from doing ABSOLUTE nothing to hopefully running 10k later on this year. And it all started by doing a little yoga every morning. About 5-10min. Doing that made me want to become stronger so I could do fun things like headstands. Which meant going to the gym so I got some muscle. Now to do be able to do something in the gym I had to get fitter so I started running to improve my cardio fitness. In less than a year I went to doing 3 different spots activities (from doing nothing my whole life). It’s the little things! xx

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