Business Savvy Storage Tips

Savvy Business Storage Tips

Okay, ladies and gentlemen. We have looked at some awesome home storage solutions. But what about in your office? Home office or in a prestigious building in London, I have worked in both. Which is why I have become, dare I say, a pro at business storage tips.

Saying that, I know that having your stationery and promotional material stuck in boxes is:

  1. Unhelpful
  2. Messy
  3. Full of time wasting searches for a paperclip

Firstly, my first office job was in an old bank building, with our stationery cupboard being an entire room with floor to ceiling shelving solutions. I then moved to a London office which consisted of a small metal cabinet for our everyday bits and bobs. Now I work from home and as we are still living out of boxes, all of my work material is in, well, boxes. With these things in mind, I thought I would share some of my experiences, tips and know-how on office storage.


Depending on your line of work will depend on how much space you need. For example, if you are simple an administration office, you don’t need much other than paper and pens. Most admin is done on a computer. You can probably rely on having a stationery draw and paper trays for your letterheads.

In marketing work, you may have promotional leaflets, welcome packs, branded stationery etc. which would mean you need more room. That’s when storage cabinets and cupboards come in useful.

But what if you own a business which requires a large amount of stock such as furniture or clothing? A warehouse may be the option for you.


If you need a LOT of room for all of your products then Warehouse Storage Solutions is a cost effective, space saving option.


Well, if you have a space that you want to make the most out of, Warehouse Storage Solutions have an up-to-date technology to ensure their designs show you the full potential of your storage space. So, if you have your massive storage room/warehouse but you don’t have the correct shelving solutions, then you may be wasting space. They can help with that!


If you’re a small, home business there are plenty of shelving and storage solutions out there so you don’t have to live like me, out of boxes…

For example, on Pinterest, you will find lots of amazing shelving ideas and tips on how to organise your home office.

If you’ve got some space in the garage or you have some warehouse space for your stock, Warehouse Storage Solutions will be able to help you in making the most of that space too!


Having a large storage room is great if you use everything in it regularly. However, spending hundreds of pounds on envelopes that you don’t need, just to fill the space isn’t very economical. Think about utilising that space better and finding smaller solutions like locking cabinets. The storage room can then be transformed into another office room, or you could even downsize your office, saving your rent charges.

Most importantly, you have to make the most of the space you have.


  • Archive old documents (over three years) to save space around your work area.
  • Scan correspondence and shred it. Save the file onto Dropbox to save keeping paper versions of everything in your office.
  • Package your stock correctly to protect it from damage and needing to buy more.
  • Make the use of the space around you but don’t make it feel cluttered.
  • Look at self-storage and contact Warehouse Storage Solutions to get them to make the most of your space. That way your office will only have the essentials and not be taken up by excess stock.
  • Most space is taken up by packaging. If you don’t have much room, take the products out of their boxes and recycle them.

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