Samsung Galaxy Pros and Cons

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Pros & Cons

You guys saw my post at House Festival, right? Well, all the images within the post were taken with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  I had ummed and ahhed about this phone for a while, so it was a lovely treat to be loaned the phone by Three. Myself and the other girls attending were given the chance to play around with the phone before the festival to give us a chance to get used to it. With plenty of time to do so, I thought I would share my thoughts on the phone.


  • The camera is incredible. At 12MP, it takes photos beautifully. You can get depth of field spot on with the focusing and there are lots of different camera modes such as food and selfie mode.
  • Photos look amazing thanks to the Quad-HD screen.
  • The battery lasts alot longer than an iPhone.
  • Google applications work extremely well with this phone, which is great if you use your phone for work!
  • It’s water resistant. A selling point if you’re prone to dropping your phone in the toilet like me.


  • It feels overly complicated… I mean when you go from the simplicity of an iPhone to an Android it can be hard to find where everything is and what it does. I also found myself pressing the middle button a lot, launching the camera as opposed to taking me back to the home screen.
  • It had a slow response time when using certain apps like Snapchat. I tried countless times to film videos but it took forever to start loading, sometimes not working at all.
  • It’s too big for my small hands. Okay, so that’s not the phones fault exactly but trying to hold the phone with one hand is almost impossible for me.
  • I keep touching things by mistake and stuff keeps happening… That’s the only way I can describe it!


The only way I can describe this is: I want the camera and screen of the Samsung Galaxy to be on an iPhone operating system without the edge. I cannot hype the camera enough for its quality but the phone is just darn hard to use if you’re used to iPhones.

What do you think? Have you used the Samsung Galaxy? Do you prefer it to an iPhone? Leave your thoughts below!

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