Choosing the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

How To Find The Right Size Bridal Bouquet

Flowers never disappoint anyone; whether you select them to decorate birthday parties or one of the most special days – your wedding. They walk with you hand-in-hand from the birth decoration until the funerals.Their presence is always there, whether the celebration is for a newborn baby, a bouquet for the pretty bride, to celebrate your anniversary or giving consolation in the funeral.

Flowers make the day positive and energetic. Is there any bride who doesn’t think of choosing flowers for their wedding? Nope! Because wedding without flowers is like a body without a soul. They give charm to the bride on her big day. Therefore when it comes down to ordering the flowers there are a few factors that highly impact your choice. So, let’s trace those mistakes and try, not do the same in future…

Bouquet & You

Petite bride: A smaller bride will benefit from scaled-down bridal bouquets as it will accent her personality. If you are petite then you can even try a composite bouquet which is made up of individual flower petals wired together on a single stem with the purpose of creating an illusion of one large flower.

Voluptuous bride: Full-figured brides should always choose a large bridal bouquet for projecting grace. Your best bet can be a round bouquet. It is bolder than a nosegay but less eye-catching than a cascade. For more variation on the classic shape, as a full-volume bride, you should try a birdermeier bouquet.

Bouquet & Your Wedding Dress

Ball Gown: You should select a gown with a grand, impressive shape to match your flower arrangement. If your bouquet is too small then it can be overwhelmed by fabrics. The best rule says, the bigger the dress, the bigger the bouquet. 

Slim silhouette: Sheaths are all about feeling light so, carry a bouquet that embodies that exact spirit. And for that, you should consider posy or a nosegay. In case, your wedding gown has slender lines then a large bouquet may hide your shape and weigh you down.

Embellished gown: Some patterns also play a major role in bridal appearances like bows, crystals or any other details in your gown to get an idea on the size of your bouquet. If you have some sparkle at the waistline then it is better to carry a tight nosegay rather than a cascading bloom collection. So that you don’t hide the decoration.

If your gown has many features to flaunt, then you should select relatively small bouquet. As your bouquet can be considered as a part of your attire and your ensemble will not look proper if there are too many blooms.

Bouquet & Your Wedding Venue

Ballroom: If your wedding venue is a large space, then small bouquets may look insignificant. You should avoid those bunches of flowers and try an elegant round bouquet. Or, if you actually have a flair for the dramatic look, then you should go for a large cascading bouquet.

Outdoors: Obviously, you like something that works with your surroundings. An intimate backyard gathering calls for a hand-tied bouquet for that, you should pick up a natural look. If your wedding venue is near the beach then big decoration can be perfect to justify the place and bride.

A flower selection requires a lot of effort, as you have to consider so many important factors. But, if you research and plan the things a few days ahead, you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest. Have a happy life together!

Daniel is a floral designer and a famous author who believes firmly in the power of nature. He effortlessly involves the readers in his writing and gets them fall into love. He helps wedding event planners take smart and practical steps through his many years of experience in providing a great business value.

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