Friendship and Love: Remember to Say Thank You

With friendship day just around the corner (7th August if you need to know), I think this is the perfect opportunity to thank some people who are very important to me. And not just friends, but family too! I’m also going to share some friendship bracelet ideas with you using some wool from Deramores (and my attempt at making some!)


It’s a sad and harsh reality that we aren’t going to be here forever. And we really should tell the people we love how much they mean to us. More often than not, we forget to and let life get in the way. We tend to express our frustration and anger more to those we care for than just how much they mean to us.

It’s time to share your love! Go on and thank those who have been with you through the bad times and the great.

There are plenty of ways you can show someone you love them. Make a gift, a card or even a cake!

via picjumbo
via picjumbo


I cannot possibly thank everyone in my life but I will do my best (this is like the Oscars haha).


We have been through a lot of crap, I’ll admit. You’ve made mistakes during my childhood and teen years but you’ve both always made up for it. Thank you for letting me grow and be myself. You’ve never put any pressure on me and I really appreciate that.


I know I go on at you a lot. I boss you about, tell you off and can be a cow to you. Even then, you still make me my tea after three attempts at asking and you help me with this site. I am so thankful for you having not disowned me as your bossy big sister.


I won’t write a thousand words about our relationship because you already know that you mean the world to me. From making my coffee every morning to booking up spontaneous experiences, you always surprise me. You have definitely helped me become a better version of myself.


My wonderful Nanny! Always seeing the brighter side to a situation and always letting me win debates. I love you so much!


I can’t thank my mother and father-in-law enough.

Like with any in-laws, we have our disagreements but we are family and you’ve looked after and lived with me for all of these years. That is an achievement in itself!


I don’t see you half as much as I would like but when I do see you, you make my face hurt from smiling. You’ve always been by my side even when you’re not there. I know I can count on you both, my beautiful bridesmaids.


Despite living so far away, I know that if I ever need to talk you will be there for me to support me and give me honest advice. You’re a strong and beautiful woman. I couldn’t ask for a nicer person to call my friend and I’m so glad Marilyn has brought us together!


Although I don’t have many, I want to thank my friends who always put a smile on my face and have shared some amazing experiences with me over the years. Even those I have met from around the world, you have been a part of my life and are embedded in the good memories that I will forever hold dear. Thanks for the laughter.



A small, yet personal way to thank those you care about is to make them a gift. A traditional gift of friendship is a friendship bracelet.

These come in many styles but you can create one with just some wool and other simple items from around the house! There are plenty of tutorials online, so why not give it a go? Now, I’m not the most creative and I spent hours trying and resulted in making two… But why not give it a go yourself? Wool is a material that can be easily cleaned and is easy to handle when making crafty things.

Take a look at Pinterest for some inspiration!

And it doesn’t stop at friendship bracelets. There are plenty of books on how to create homemade and personal gifts for friends and family.


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  • Reply Lucie July 25, 2016 at 9:10 am

    Nice post. 🙂 I think you’re right. Sometimes, we underestimate the word ‘Thank’. And we should say that more often.

    have a nice day xx

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