Reasons Why I Love Christmas More As An Adult

As a child I never really enjoyed Christmas. I have my reasons but luckily for me, I am able enjoy this time of year as time has gone on. I can’t enjoy things like a child can (the idea of Santa etc.) so I enjoy other things (seeing as I don’t have my own children yet).


  • Receiving clothes is much better now I care about them.
  • I can eat chocolate in the morning and no one will care.
  • Christmas films actually entertain me now whereas as a child, they bored me.
  • I can get more food in me than when I was younger.
  • I get pleasure out of giving gifts people rather than just getting them.
  • Festive music is exciting to hear rather than “just for old people”.
  • I now sleep in on Christmas morning and can stay up later rather than getting up at 5am and waiting for parents to wake up.
  • I appreciate festive markets.
  • I appreciate the hard work that goes into it.

So no matter how bad previous Christmases have been, you can always enjoy the holiday season now. You have lots more reasons to and enjoy each little bit of the festive period!

What is your favourite thing about being an adult at Christmas?

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